Heroes of the Storm

Hogger’s Hogg Wild gives up too easily with the reduced spin collision radius.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - Hogger's Hogg Wild gives up too easily with the reduced spin collision radius.

Between the Hogger PTR and him going live, Hogger's Hogg Wild was updated to feature a bailout system when he gets outside of terrain bounds, but from my testing and looking at what drives the system, it has one extremely fatal flaw – if you get just a bit out of bounds once, it increments the counter, and that counter stays incremented for the rest of that spin.

The way it works is when Hogger reflects off of a piece of terrain while in unpathable terrain, Hogger gains a stack of HoggerHoggWildBailOutStack, and when Hogger gets to 3 of these, the Hogg Wild is cancelled, and Hogger is launched into the nearest pathable terrain, with Hogg Wild placed on full cooldown, and his pants down around his ankles.

Here I am demonstrating this system by displaying when it gives Hogger a stack in a custom little thing I've made to make hogger racetracks(coming soon, I swear), the first time it happens is off of the first bounce, the second time is around 7 seconds into the spin, and the last around 5 seconds after that, so a spin that would probably last a long time gets cancelled super early because of the system being far too harsh.

Oh, and also,

. Whilst I didn't go out of bounds with that cast, I will admit that in an earlier cast, I went out of bounds around 5 seconds into the cast, but I wasn't recording that, so I can't showcase that.

I tried to see what would happen if you forced yourself out of bounds with Try Modes Reset Talents button, but even when I started the spin out of bounds, it didn't try and boot hogger out into pathable terrain, because you can't deflect off of a wall that doesn't exist


So in its place,

, bouncing into corners to try and get it to proc, cause that's what causes it the most.

I don't actually know for certain if the bailout system is actually meant to prevent getting out of bounds, because as sort of showcased with Try Mode and starting out of bounds, it seems you can only actually reflect off of walls, not the inside of walls.

I will mention that I've tried more than a few different methods to attempt to fix this while also resolving the ability to go out of bounds, and it's honestly a difficult solve, ranging from trying something that applies a controller behavior with a remove validator of being in unpathable terrain with an expire effect to bail out, to the most simple solution of having the bailout effect set check if you are in unpathable terrain, and none of the things I tried seemed to work, but I feel the cost of the high unpredictability of the current system is too high. Perhaps there's some other solution that'll work perfectly, but here's a demonstration that the validator of CasterUnitIsNotCurrentlyOnPathableGround doesn't work out – a video that displays any time the stack is applied, but it won't actually bail you out, and the reflect that actually causes you to go out of bounds doesn't cause it to fire: https://streamable.com/wugamx

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