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Honest Qhira Rework Proposal

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Honest Qhira Rework Proposal

Hi fellow Heroes,

<<I have been playing Hots (and mobas) for a long time, and no hero has resonated with me quite like Qhira has. She's everything I want in a hero, and especially during the Hero's Medallion event, it made practising with her that much more challenging, but ultimately that much more rewarding. I've really had a lot of time to reflect on her strengths and weaknesses in a lot of situations, as well as hear and see other people's frustrations with her, both playing as, with and against her. She has an insanely high skill cap, but I also feel that the skill floor for starting to play Qhira and learn her can be really frustrating. I know there are a handful of heroes who deserve a rework more, and many that need it more, but I wanted to speak from my heart and I am very enthusiastic about this and wanted to share it in hopes that maybe other's will agree with me, that some gentle tuning to Qhira's talents (not changing her abilities) will result in a lower skill floor, while not moving (or even potentially raising) the skill ceiling, while still putting a heavy emphasis on keeping her open to counter play.>>

TL;DR, here is a Qhira rework I've worked really hard on


> Q now hits any target in the line, including minions, monsters, mercs, as well as invisibile targets such as abathur mines and zagara creep

> E will connect with any target Hero that connects with the animation; not just the end tip of the sword

> E will also cancel the animation if the animation makes contact / crosses a Hero with an unstoppable effect that would (presently the animation continues and completes the full channel of the action, while simply passing through said hero, and no longer connecting with any other target as the skill has "failed")

> Hookshot is now 10% longer; Baseline hookshot gains 250% CDR if Qhira has not taken damage in 5 seconds.


1 (Level 1) :

No changes

2 (Level 4) :

> Upstage – Landing Hookshot, Hitting a Hero with a single cast of Q 3 or more times, or Re-activating sweep will grant Qhira evasion on the next 2 Heroic Auto Attacks. No Duration. Cannot have more than 2 charges.

> Hunter's Tools (Remove Ensnaring Swing) – Reduce E's cooldown by 4 seconds; Increase hookshots CDR to 900% from 250% when not having taken damage for 5 seconds.

> Commanding Presence (Remove Your Pain, My Gain) – Give Qhira 20 Armor for 2 seconds. All targets around her have their damage and move speed dropped by 20%. If 2 or more Heroes are affected, the effects and duration are doubled.

3 (Level 7) :

> Haemorrhage (Remove The Thirst) – If Q hits a target with 5 stacks of Bleed, Qhira takes the effect of an untalented W immediately.

> Healmonger – Unchanged

> Siphoning Link – Same ability; additional quest effect: each non-primary hero target hit by the tether of E while Qhira is sweeping increases the healing on Basic Attacks by 2%


4 (Level 10) : No Change

5 (Level 13) :

> Chainsaw – Every 4th Auto Attack casts an untalented Q in the direction Qhira is facing. If a Heroic target already has 5 stacks of bleed, they will additionally be stunned for 0.75 seconds.

> Pulsing Pain – Non-primary targets hit by E take 115 (+4% per level) damage; this includes non-heroic targets.

> The Hunter – Unchanged

6 (Level 16) :

> Booming Kick – Unchanged

> Lingering Ailment – Armor reduction can stack up to 30, auto attacks can refresh the duration. Lasts 3 seconds.

> Swing Life Away – +1 second to E sweep duration. +50% sweeping speed. – 2 seconds cooldown per non-primary heroic target hit by E.

7 (Level 20) :

> Silent Killer – Unchanged

> Unleashed Potential – Unchanged

> Utility Belt – Gives an additional charge of Hookshot; the initial impact of E still gives 1 charge

> No Sanctuary – No Change

8 (Level 10b) :

> Bloodhunt (Remove Unrelenting Strikes) – Activate to gain stealth. While in stealth, Qhira gains 15% move speed and all enemy heroes are revealed to her. All bleed damage is doubled during Bloodhunt's effects are active. When Qhira leaves stealth she gains unstoppable for 1.5 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds. 60 second cooldown.

> Final Strike – Unchanged

9 (Level 20b) :

> Silent Killer – Bloodhunt Lasts 100% Longer (12 seconds) Qhira's Auto Attacks silence for 0.5 seconds while Bloodhunt is active; Every 5th Auto Attack Qhira will enter stealth again. She will always become unstoppable for 1.5 seconds when leaving stealth while Bloodhunt is active, regardless of the source of that stealth.

> Unleashed Potential – Unchanged

> Utility Belt – Previous changes still apply

> No Sanctuary – Auto Attacks give Qhira 5% move speed, attack speed and damage; stacking up to 20%. These effects are cumulative with other talents that augment Qhira. Effects last 3 seconds.

10 ( Z – Mount) – Bounty Hunter's Burden. Qhira can no longer mount, as she has no need for one in the Nexus. She instead starts with a 5% movement speed bonus, this bonus is increased by 1% for every kill she participates in. Cannot exceed 30% (but can stack with all other bonus movement speed effects) Any crowd control effects disable this effect for 5 seconds, regardless of the duration of the CC

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider my proposal! I didn't want this to be any longer than it needed to be so I'll post a bit of an "explanation behind my ideas" separately. Much love and many thanks fellow Heroes! ~Flubbergushie

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