Heroes of the Storm

Hopefully, with new blood/money coming to the devs… Please change these thimgs

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hopefully, with new blood/money coming to the devs... Please change these thimgs

A)Tabs. Make it so that preferences are saved. Why do we need to select every time that we want to see only skins not owned for example ? Why does it still have to default to all heroes/ all skins etc ?

B) Talent descriptions. The game is riddled with little inaccuracies like LiLi's Q still mentioning that it prioritises heroes, though it ONLY heals heroes for years now.

C) 1) Ranked. Up the level needed for players to participate in it and for heroes to be selected. Should diminish the smurf problem pretty efficiently as they will need more time to participate in hl. 2) Improve the report system/AFK/feed detection. Like some other mentioned in this forum, when they disconnect frequently/ die too much in a short timeframe during a match just throw them out altogether. Ban them longer for AFK'ing. 3) Loss forgiveness because of aforementioned "humans". That is all.

D) Haunted mines. If you can't manage to fix its objective, just release the map as it was and ban heroes with bugs/OP (like Sylv was on this map) from being picked altogether.

E) Interface: Let us choose fromt the older ones. Various login screens ? Various interfaces ( Beta was epic) You have this in SC2, why not here ?

F) Some more slots for cosmetics would be nice. 3 sets with the abundance of skins you've created 'til now is pretty meek.

G) PvE brawls as a separate mode. Self explanatory.

H) Old matchmaking (role,MMR based) in QM. Was nice, longer queue times aren't that bad if you get a quality match. And the impatient ones can go ARAM


I) Match loading screen. I KNOW the map. What I have to do. So please let me disable the tips. I want to see the art which is clogged behind explanation boxes and far too big player bars. The same goes for fountains. Also, the gates used to have something alike a lock that used to appear when no one was passing through them and disappeared when you went through the gate. Why is this gone ?

J) Towers: 1) Bring back ammo, let it recharge much faster and at once when the recharge timer ends. Why we had to LoL'ificate the towers is still beyond me, and Hero development doesnt count as an excuse. 2) Up the damage again, give slows to the forts/keeps. Reduce the armor reduction per attack a bit.

K) Revert it to the old AI again. I remember the time the AI was updated for the 1st time ( I think). Bots used to shred everything to pieces. Now only Dibbles seems to properly time his abilities, the rest is just an unorganised swarm of code that AA's everything, has lost sense of gameplay and just feeds the enemy team exp.

L) Doublicate hero matchups. DAMN, how nice it was to test my abilities as Thrall vs the enemy Thrall. Allow it at least in QM. I mean we have doublicate hero matches every time a new hero gets released ( 2 times/year, approximately) for about 1-2 weeks, why not let us duke it out against same heroes on the enemy team ?

M) Skippable MVP screen. You know, for people that not really care about it and want to move on to the next match. Just put a tiny button below the Victory/Defeat sign at the end of the match reading Skip MVP screen/Continue for example.

N) Weather as a (purely) cosmetic feature. And a sunny Sky Temple as an optional Map.

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