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Hot take: the HotS community actively perpetuates toxicity. Being in a group doesn’t make you better than everyone else.

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hot take: the HotS community actively perpetuates toxicity. Being in a group doesn't make you better than everyone else.

Toxicity complaints are rampant among pretty much any HotS community. And don't get me wrong, they're valid. It's a real problem. However, as long as our collective community's favorite pastime is shitting on those they think misplay, that problem will continue. Just look at this subreddit. A good proportion of posts and comments can be boiled down to "I was in a game where my teammate did something dumb, why does the game match me with these potatoes." I've played games with some random friends I've found online or in discord servers just to play a few games and without fail the group will turn on whatever random isn't in their party. "wtf why didn't valla come with us to invade the enemy camp now we're fighting 4v5 and dying is she throwing or something?" No, they're not throwing. They just aren't in comms with you. They don't know why you're invading, or maybe that you're invading at all. Even if you ping, they have to make a judgement call. Do they follow the directions of someone they don't know for an unknown reason? Or do they follow their own initiative? You can't fault them for not blindly following you.


This problem isn't exclusive to stacks either. Frequently on various community platforms I see solo queue players rage because "they're the only competent one on their team why do I have trolls every game." I have news for you buddy. You have the same mmr as everyone else in that game. You're not better than them. You might have one idea of what to do, but so does everyone else and they have no obligation to follow you. I've heard people say "if they just listen to my shotcalling we would win." As yourself: would you trust a random player you've never met to shotcall for you? Even if your call is the correct one, it's only correct if everyone else does it too. Maybe your teammates didn't see what you saw. That's not their fault. Stop focusing on them and focus on yourself.

It almost feeling like flaming randoms has become a casual pastime of this community and I think that's an extremely unhealthy behavior. It's not uncommon for people to go so far as to scrutinize their teammates' builds in search of some discrepancy they can seize. Sometimes you get legitimate trolls. It happens. But most of the time everyone just has their own idea of what to do. And that's fine. Learn to work with that.

As a last note before I get a flood of "yeah that's not me but…" comments I'm sure this doesn't apply to everyone, but I've witnessed it often enough that there's a clear pattern.

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