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Ok, so I've been working for a good few weeks now on finding and/or calculating the height and/or canonical size of all the heroes in HotS through whatever means I could find and sometimes just doing my best guess work based off the sheer lack of evidence for some heroes (cough cough Nexus Original Heroes and TLV cough cough) and I've finally gotten an idea of all the heights and have gotten a full list down. I am posting this here as I'm HIGHLY unsure of many of these numbers and would like some verification from anybody who may have information I couldn't find.

These heights are in order from Largest to Smallest for an easier read. The system of measurement of choice is the Imperial Feet,Inches System if anybody was wondering.

Deathwing: Wingspan:1200ft Height: ~2 Football fields (~720ft) – Wingspan:365.76m Height: 219.47m

Alexstrasza: Dragon Form: ~200ft? – ~60.69m

Ragnaros: ~160ft – 48.77m

Tychus (Odin Ultimate): ~60ft – ~18.29m

Azmodan: 28ft,10in – 8.79m

Anubarak: ~20ft – ~6.1m

Stitches: ~20ft – ~6.1m

Cho'Gall: 20ft – ~6.1m

Malganis: ~20ft – ~6.1m

Zagara: ~20ft – ~6.1m

Mephisto: 16ft,9in – 5.12m

Diablo: 16ft – 4.88m

Sgt. Hammer: ~16ft – ~4.88m

Butcher: ~15ft – ~4.57m

Falstad: ~5 Mounted: ~14ft – ~1.524 Mounted; ~4.27m

Imperius: ~11ft – ~3.35m

Blaze: 11fft – ~3.35m

Leoric: ~10ft – ~3.05m

Kel`Thuzad: ~10ft – ~3.05m

Greymane: Worgen; 10,7 – ~3.23m

Rexxar: ~10ft – ~3.05m

Tychus: ~10ft – ~3.05m

Raynor: ~10ft (Slightly smaller than Tychus) – ~3.05m

Abathur: ~9ft,6in – ~2.9m

Malthael: 9ft – 2.74m

Tyrael: 9ft – 2.74m

D.Va: 5ft,5in Mech: 9ft – 1.65m Mech; 2.74m

Fenix: 9 – 2.74m

ETC: ~9 – ~2.74m

Gazlowe: Mech Height: ~9 – ~2.74m

Garrosh: 8ft,9in – 2.67m

Thrall: 8ft,9in – 2.67m

Tyrande: 8ft,2in – 2.5m

Alarak: ~8ft Slightly taller than Artanis – ~2.44m

Artanis: ~8ft – ~2.44m

Auriel: ~8ft – ~2.44m

Malfurion: ~8ft? – ~2.44m

Guldan: ~8ft – ~2.44m

Rehgar: 7ft,8in – 2.34m

Zeratul: 7ft,4in – 2.24m

Tassadar: 7ft,3in – 2.21m

Johanna: ~7ft,2in – ~2.18m

Y'rel: 7ft,2in – ~2.18m


Sonya: ~7ft (Slightly smaller than Johanna) – ~2.13m

Illidan: ~7ft^ – ~2.13m

Dehaka: ~7ft – ~2.13m

Zuljin: ~7ft – ~2.13m

Samuro: ~7ft – ~2.13m

Lt. Morales: ~7ft (Suit included) – ~2.13m

Maiev: 6ft,6in – 1.98m

Junkrat: 6ft,6in – 1.98m

Greymane: Human;~6ft,6in – ~1.98m

Zarya: 6ft,5in – 1.96m

Kerrigan: 6ft,3in – 1.91m

Arthas: 6ft,3in – 1.91m

Varian: 6ft,2in – 1.88m

Alexstrasza: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Uther: ~6ft Slightly shorter than Arthas – ~1.83m

Xul: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Medihv: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Cassia: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Kaelthas: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Lunara: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Jaina: 6ft – 1.83m

Anduin: 6ft – 1.83m

Nova: 5ft,8in – 6ft? – 1.73m – 1.83m?

Nazeebo: 6ft? – 1.83m?

Stukov: ~6ft – ~1.83m

Whitemane: 5ft,10in? – 1.78m?

Kharazim: 5ft,10in – 1.78m

Deckard: 5ft,10in – 1.78m

Li-Ming: 5ft,8in – 1.73m

Hanzo: 5ft,8in – 1.73m

Valla: ~5ft,8in – ~1.73m

Genji: 5ft,7in – 1.7m

Ana: 5ft,7in – 1.7m

Qhira: ~5ft,6in – ~1.68m

Chen: 5ft,6in – 1.68m

Tracer: 5ft,4in – 1.63m

Lucio: 5ft,3in – 1.6m

Mei: 5ft,1in – 1.55m

Probius: ~5ft – ~1.52m

Muradin: 5ft – 1.52m

TLV: Olaf: ~5ft – ~1.52m

Orphea: 4ft,4in – 1.32m

Lili: ~4ft – ~1.22m

Gazlowe (without mech): ~4ft – ~1.22m

TLV: Boleg: ~4ft – ~1.22m

Chromie: 3ft,4in – 1.02m

TLV: Eric: ~3ft – 0.91m

Brightwing: ~2ft – ~0.61m

Murky: ~2ft – ~0.61m

I plan to make an actual image to accompany this and many heights are somewhat arbitrary (i.e. I gave them a height that made sense to me based off reference images of poster art as that was all the evidence I could fine) And the exact height of Heroes aren't going to be listed on the final image, but rather, a ruler of 5 Foot increments on the sides of the image.

EDIT: I added measurement indicators as well as a Meters translation.
EDIT 2: Added Tychus' Odin Ultimate (Reminder that Tychus pilots the Odin and not a Thor).

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