Heroes of the Storm

HotS HUD/UX Redesign

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - HotS HUD/UX Redesign

Hi! I'm a designer practicing UX design on video games. After the fort/keep changes were made, I noticed there were no elements representing them! I decided to tackle a solution to that problem, as well as other elements on the HUD I felt could use improving.


Here's an infographic that goes over the changes I made:

HUD Infographic


I also made a before/after comparison so you can see the changes live!

HUD Comparison


I mentioned this in my previous redesign of Hunt: Showdown that this isn't an "ultimate redesign" saying "hey, this is better, do this!" Instead, think of it as alternate choices in drafting a new UI 🙂



Thanks for checking out my work, and I wish I was showing this off with an air of better news. I had started working on this when they made the announcements about the HGC shutting down, so I decided to wrap everything up to show it off while people might still be interested 😛


Thanks again and have a great day!

Edit: Thanks for all of the feedback guys! I'll try to incorporate some of what people are recommending and see if I can make something you guys will like better. I might not respond to everything, but I will read everything so feel free to keep it coming!

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