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HotS is kind of like Hockey, LoL is kind of like Bastketball

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - HotS is kind of like Hockey, LoL is kind of like Bastketball

Funny after all these years that we still get people praising/complaining that HotS isn't like LoL, that you "can't carry in HotS" or that you don't have the outsized effect of an ADC mopping up the endgame like you do in League. (This is not one of those posts.)

Requisite watching:

(Question posed in video after detailed explanation of variance in team sports: "…. Which raises the question of what we want our sports to do. Do we want to measure skill as precisely as possible? Or do we just wanna feel alive?")

Just an alternative take to it, HotS is kind of very close to how Hockey is; it's very much a team game where your stars play an important role, but in which you can't win unless the team works together, and there's more of an element of chance and luck. Same is true for Basketball, but guys like LeBron, Kobe, Jordan et. al. have a bigger influence on the game than the top players in hockey do. If you look at Crosby vs Ovechkin, Ovechkin was always more of monster in terms of physical presence on the ice, but Crosby has had more complete teams around him and has won more cups. Historically, a lot, if not most of the championship teams have been built around "depth" rather than sheer firepower. It's just a different sport, a lot of people like both, it's just that what constitutes a good team and a well played game work differently in both. Sometimes you can carry and and roflstomp the other team, but in HotS it's a great feeling because it doesn't happen very often, just like how hat tricks don't just happen every night in hockey.


Lately I've been thinking that HotS with the experience changes from last year feels a lot more like hockey in the sense that you can play with a lead, but the game can swing against you if you let the other team in. That's one of the things I personally love about hockey, you can be up two goals in the 3rd and be biting your nails because it feels like the lead is going to evaporate in the next 5 minutes, or you could be down and just claw back in it. HotS has been like that lately; if I'm on a team of veterans, the focus and intensity can go the whole match, but on an inexperienced team things can go well and just unravel in the late stages when they start getting picked apart.

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To further extend the analogy:

Bruiser/Crowd Control = Power forward or center

True Tank = Enforcer (at least in the old days)

Meleee Assassins = Wingers

Ranged Assassin = Powerplay point D-man / sniper (


Support/play maker = Sedin Twins (


Specialist = Pentalty kill

Poke = Pest, shift disturber

Shot Caller = Goalie

Glass Canon = Insert Wayne Gretzy's name here

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