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HeroesoftheStorm 2 - Hots main issue

Hi heroes!


First of all I want to say I like this game. Never blaming devs for balance issues or bugs happens. Matchmaking can be better, but I feel thats complicated and will talk later about it. Really appreciate all work and every detail they doing.

•So I believe that the main hots issue is it’s engine and all things I’m saying next I’m pretty sure is an issue bcs of engine. Let me try to explain my point:

  1. First of all I really missing possibility to watch hight mmr players playing online as a viewer. I’m missing it from Dota 2 . And I believe that the majority of players are pretty bad to realize what’s talent is better in current situation or maybe what hero pick is better in current draft. I clearly remember how Dota 2 games was really trash, but ppl was keep learning what items fits nice on hero they want to play. What’s the play style and so on. Yeah some may say it’s still trash, but it’s a really huge step from what it was at the start. I really feel that a lot of casual players could learn a lot from just watching hight rank/ ex pros players. You could say:”hey there are twitch”. But I don’t feel that it’s a solution. In Dota you have an opportunity to sort games and find a hero you really want to watch. I mean imagine new player comes to hots. He knows nothing, but he like Starcraft lore, and want to know how to play the queen of blade. What’s he doing? Will he find a game in twitch ? Probably not. He would find a useless guid or mb just a talent tree.. that’s it. Even if gold- diamond won’t learn much from such feature – low level players and new players will be really in love with it. And it will increase players skill in general. So it’s one of the main thing. I’m pretty sure devs was thinking about it but engine limits them.

  2. Multi task. It’s really bad. Some useless but annoying loot chest opening during the “game search” can’t be done Would be awesome if during queue I could open training mode and practice my skill shots . Or even find an interesting game to watch if there was a live streaming option. Also really sad that I’m kinda out of my menu and during game I can’t open any knowledge source to check what talent enemy could pick. Your lucio picked “partymix” what was the other one that ppl say is way better? New player can end the game and only after check what was it. Maybe not really important, but I feel that during a game I’m out of my hots client.

  3. Devs added a possibility to create 3 different builds! It’s awesome and it’s amazing! Really thanks for it. But for new player: he entered matchmaking. He had to play sup. He saw how tyrand should be played. And it fits awesome in team comp. but he don’t have any builds prepared. I mean would be really nice if ppl could open some source in game and find a builds from pros for hero they currently playing. Practically Every streamer have a build list. It’s really useful for ppl who just started to play . Or want to play hero he never played before.

  4. Reconnects.

•At the end : So at the end want to say: Not blaming devs at all! Once again: thanks a lot for all work you done! It’s kinda my thoughts what’s the hots problem ! Really feel game have a GREAT potential! And engine just limits it and it’s one of the reason game is not popular as it should be.

P.s. don’t blame my English skills. I’m learning it! Ty for your attention!

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