Heroes of the Storm

HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star

VOD is
391680522 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391680522 (KING's twitch)

All-Star: Rich, Reset, Gondar, Judy, BlueB2tle (고승고승, 나만냥이없어, 마고그, 태석오, 블루비틀)

Jjab-Star: Magi, Good, Frankle, Kapibara, KyoCha (지난, 등떡, 쁘랭클, 카피바라, 우냥우냥)


Bans: (JJab-Star) Maiev Garrosh Raynor / (All-Star) Ana Anubarak Zeratul

JJab: Kapibara Diablo ; ;

All: ; ; Reset Chromie

Game Start at 01:02:30



Spoilers: Vid 1 Jjab see Alarak top lane and go in to fight over third objective. With this protector Jjab take down bottom keep. Vid 2 teams are poking at each other and then Diablo engages. Jjab goes down bot and ends after. Jjab win. Game time 22:20. Jjab 16 kills lv 22. AllStar 4 kills lv 21.


Bans: (Jjab-Star) Maiev Garrosh Lucio / (All-Star) Ana Raynor Jaina

Jjab: Magi Tyrande ; ;

All: ; ; BlueB2tle Malfurion

Game start at 01:33:45



DarkAbstemiousJackalRaccAttack - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star




Spoilers: Vid 1 & 2 early picks showing off the early-game strength of Jjab's comp. Vid 3 a fight that AllStar starts is lost, letting Jjab take bottom keep. Vid 4 as Jjab's webweavers spawn in, a pick on Alarak leave Jjab unwilling to push into the defense a person down. Vid 5 AllStars posture to end the game and are ready to execute the 4 ult wombo but then everything goes wrong as they miss every one of them. (There's a lot happening there: Judy's Apoc hits no one because Gondar doesn't keep Alarak and Tyrande trapped in the Entomb, Rich wiffs arrow but uses Play of the Game to reposition into extreme danger anyway, Junkrat walks into Yrel's jump range and pops rip-tire only to be immediately knocked out of it.) Jjab rip through Leoric and Diablo on their way to the core and take game 2. Jjab win. Game time 25:52. Jjab 25 kills lv 24. AllStars 7 kills lv 23.


Bans: (AllStar) Abathur Ana Zeratul / (JjabStar) Maiev Tyrande Genji

AllStar: Judy Anubarak ; ;

Jjab: ; ; KyoCha Rexxar

Game start: 02:15:30




HyperGoldenSandwichTriHard - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star



Spoilers: Vid 1 Knowing that Diablo is on mid shrine and Raynor bottom, All-Star push into top fort, using Sylvanas' trait to make sure it goes down with the temple shots. Vid 2 Anubarak rotates earlier than Fenix, giving a 4v3 advantage, again using Sylvanas' trait and then Anub's beetles to fight under the fort. Again, a fort goes down during objective. Vid 3 Jjab tries to force fights. They do get Anubarak on the first attempt, but the next one they lose Raynor, Diablo, and Misha unanswered, giving AllStars 13. Vid 4 the next objective, Jjab attempt to take mid shrine with a 5v4 numbers advantage but again lose when their soulless Diablo's health bar is poked down and he must retreat. AllStars kill two and then take the boss. Vid 5 With a 16 to 14 level advantage and the boss on the way, AllStars overwhelm Jjab, down the keep, and move on to hit the core. AllStars win. Game time 11:46. AllStars 11 kills lv 17. Jjab 2 kills lv 14.



Bans (JJabStars) Garrosh Maiev Kharazim / (AllStars) Anubarak Ana Zeratul

Jjab: Kapibara Diablo ; ;

AllStars: ; ; Reset Orphea

Game start 2:36:00


SpinelessSecretiveAubergineTriHard - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star




TawdryRamshackleWoodcockDoubleRainbow - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star



Spoilers: Vid 1 AllStar are a step ahead on the map and get a level lead and the first punisher. The second shrine though, a good engage by Kapibara leads to winning the shrine fight and second objective. Vid 2 Jjab aggressively follow their punisher and then dive AllStar at their keep wall. Vid 3 AllStar once again use their better macro play to gain advantage and take frozen punisher top lane. The fight doesn't go as well as they could have hoped (Orphea is chased for a while but falls as well). Vid 4 AllStar get a pick on Imperius and take the next shrine. During the assault on mid keep with the punisher, Jjab turn the fight and kill everyone but ETC. Vid 5 Despite how ahead they are in kills, Jjab are in bad shape structurally and leave Imperius at home to try to end with 4. ETC delays them with a mosh and Jjab lose Medivh and are forced to retreat. Vid 6 the last shrine fight is initally won by Jjab 2 kills to 1, but Leoric is coming back. Despite blowing up Orphea, Jaina and alfurion go down, Medivh gives his life while trying to save Diablo, and the way is open for AllStar to win. AllStar win. Game time 25:37. AllStar 12 kills lv 24. JjabStar 19 kills lv 23.

REVIVAL scrim AllStar vs JjabStar – game 5


Bans (Jjab) Garrosh Maiev Alarak / (AllStar) Anubarak Li-Ming Zeratul

Jjab: Magi Tyrande ; ;

AllStar: ; ; Reset Thrall

Game Start 3:11:30

UgliestIcyPizzaDoggo - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star




OilyAgitatedPorcupineKappaPride - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star


IgnorantMushyWrenDerp - HOTS REVIVAL scrim All-Star vs Jjab-Star


Spoilers: Vid 1 after being forced off with low health, Jjab come back to finish the second objective but lose 4. Vid 2 Jjab catches AllStar's 4 at their fort, win 4-0 and take down top fort. Vid 3 after a lot of back and forth, Jjab come from behind on the third immortal race and take it. They follow the immortal to get bottom keep and a favorable 4-2 trade in kills (Thrall gets Arthas before he dies). Vid 4 Fourth immortal race, AllStar are behind in the race but get three kills to let them win the objective. Imperius gets a fourth kill on Arthas who was trying to backdoor and got the core down another 11%. Vid 5 Jjab lost bot keep but got a kill while defending. They used their 5v4 advantage to take all 4 camps and got a full 50% jump on the immortal race. With AllStar pressured to fight, Arthas hits three with Sindragosa. Jjab wins 4 kills to 1 and run down bottom lane to win. Jjab win. Game time 23:55. Jjab 19 kills lv 22. AllStar 13 kills lv 21. Overall that's AllStar 2, Jjab 3.

Rich was also streaming part of this VOD https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391661534 starting about 2:35:00 but cut it off in the middle of game 2 maybe on the assumption that his opponents were stream sniping.

KyoCha streamed some warmup Team League with his team, VOD https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391669605

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