Heroes of the Storm

HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team HongCono vs Team CrazyMoving

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team HongCono vs Team CrazyMoving

Both HongCono and CrazyMoving are streaming.

hongcono - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team HongCono vs Team CrazyMoving

https://twitch.tv/hongcono or

It's over now. If you watch the VOD from HongCono you'll have to skip through a couple TL games to about 01:15:00.
390135974 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team HongCono vs Team CrazyMoving


Crazymoving is still streaming, looks like he's doing some team league with some of his people. I'll try to update the VOD link later.


HongCono first ban/pick

bans: (HongCono) Maiev Zeratul Garrosh / (CMoving) Ana Tyrande Abathur

HongCono: Kapibara Diablo ; NaSang Stukov ; NaCHoJin Li-Ming ; HongCono Thrall ; HERO Dehaka

CMoving: Cmoving Raynor ; HaeBin Malthael ; bdg Genji ; Gondar ETC ; JaeHyun Brightwing



Spoiler: CrazyMoving is outplaying HongCono most of the game, in terms of structure damage. HongCono keeps up in level though and wins a decisive team fight during shrine phase and goes through mid keep to try to end. Team CM is able to repulse this, but after all respawning, they search for and try to set up a gank for the missing Team HC. Belatedly, they discover HC sneaking the boss and try to stop the capture. HC is again victorious in the ensuing fight and walk to core to finish. Game time 21:42. Team HongCono 14 kills lv 23. Team CrazyMoving 6 kills level 22.


Crazymoving first ban/pick

Bans: (CMoving) Maiev Tyrande Malthael / HongCono Ana Zeratul Genji

Gondar Diablo ; HaeBin Leoric ; JaeHyun Alexstrasza ; CrazyMoving Raynor ; bdg Thrall

Kapibara Anubarak ; NaCHoJin Hanzo ; HERO Blaze ; NaSang Deckard ; HongCono Sonya


DeadGlutenFreeDumplingsUWot - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team HongCono vs Team CrazyMoving


Spoiler: Team HongCono simply outfought Team CrazyMoving on this one. From an early shrine re-engage after dragon queen ended, a long fight at bottom fort that lead to a lost keep, or a fight on shrine a few moments later that NaCHoJin set up with a 3 man stun, Team HongCono just beat that ass. Game time 16:34. Team HongCono 19 kills lv 20. Team Crazymoving 3 kills lv 17.



Crazymoving first ban/pick

Bans: (CMoving) Maiev Zeratul / (HongCono) Ana Tyrande

CMoving: Gondar Diablo ; HaeBin Mephisto ; bdg Alarak

HongCono: Kapibara Anubarak ; NaCHoJin Hanzo ;

u/Gclef89 wasn't kidding about connection problems on Asian servers. This draft had to be restarted because of a d/c.

Bans (CMoving) Maiev Zeratul Malthael / (HongCono) Ana Tyrande Hanzo

CM: Gondar Diablo ; JaeHyun Deckard ; HaeBin Blaze ; CMoving Sgt Hammer ; bdg Alarak

HC: NaCHoJin Raynor ; Kapibara Anubarak ; HERO Leoric ; NaSang Malfurion ; HongCono Li-Ming


TenuousCredulousLouseBatChest - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team HongCono vs Team CrazyMoving


Spoiler: My attention was pulled off of this but it seemed like a good game for both teams, with a lot of skirmishing that had no decisive winner. HC won the first protector but didn't do a whole lot with it (some damage to top fort). Second protector objective finished after some sustained fighting. HC actually got the protector but were prevented from using it by Team CM getting a kill on Anub and zoning them off. Shortly after though, something happened that let HC push down top keep. CM had to give third protector, lost a disandvantageous 20 v 18 fight, and then HC ended through bottom. Game time 18:47. Team HongCono 18 kills lv 21. Team Crazymoving 10 kills lv19.


HongCono first ban/pick

Bans (HongCono) Maiev Zeratul Garrosh / (CMoving) Ana Anubarak Malthael

HC: Kapibara Diablo ; NaCHoJin Li-Ming ; NaSang Tyrande ; HongCono Illidan ; HERO Thrall

CM: Crazymoving Raynor ; HaeBin Imperius ; Gondar ETC ; bdg Sylvanas ; JaeHyun Uther



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