Heroes of the Storm

HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team Rich vs Trogg Is Best

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team Rich vs Trogg Is Best

Rich's twitch:
gengrich1 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team Rich vs Trogg Is Best


The VOD is https://www.twitch.tv/videos/389600651 skip to the one hour mark. (The first game is solo TL, and Modern and Hide were playing together on the other team. Hide was streaming at the time so if you're interested you can probably find his perspective of the game from the video tab at

The battletag for the support playing with Trogg is Best is "odeng". I don't know if that's the same person as Wishing.


Team Rich first ban/pick

Bans: (Rich) Ana Garrosh Lucio / (Trogg) Maiev Anubarak ETC

Team Rich: Ezz Tyrande ; OhDuck Rexxar ; Polaris Raynor ; Rich Hanzo ; Hooligan Tyrael

Trogg is Best: AngelWing Diablo ; Pandagom Fenix ; Isaac Medivh ; odeng Kharazim ; Jackpot Arthas

Game start at 01:08:26

CheerfulEphemeralPeppermintPanicBasket - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team Rich vs Trogg Is Best




Spoiler: Medivh makes all the plays happen. Trogg grabs all three DK's, rams the third down bottom lane and wins at 13:26 (Video time 1:22:23). Isaac can now expect Medivh target bans until the end of time. Team Rich 3 kills, lv 16. Trogg 6 kills, lv 17.

Infernal Shrines

Trogg is Best first ban/pick

Bans: (Trogg) Ana Maiev Zeratul / (Rich) Medivh Anubarak Greymane

Trogg is Best: Isaac Garrosh ; odeng Alexstrasza ; Angelwing Thrall ; Pandagom Hanzo ; Jackpot Rexxar

Team Rich: Hooligan Diablo ; Ezz Tyrande ; Ohduck Leoric ; Polaris Fenix ; Rich Kel'thuzad

Game start at 01:29:00

AmusedSmoggyPotatoBudStar - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team Rich vs Trogg Is Best




Spoiler: A kind of strange interaction between Diablo shadow charge and Hanzo trying to Agility out during the first shrine maybe leads to a different outcome if that hadn't happened. The second shrine fight gives Team Rich another objective, though Trogg defended pretty well. Two questionable fights later though, Trogg has no chance to contest the third shrine, staggers deaths while chasing a departing Team Rich (4v5 Trogg's disadvantage) and directly loses. Match time 16:07 (video 1:45:27). Team Rich 19 kills lv 20. Trogg 5 kills lv 18.



Trogg is Best first ban/pick

Bans: (Trogg) Ana Zeratul Malfurion / (Rich) Medivh Anubarak Raynor

Trogg is Best: Angelwing Maiev ; Isaac Tyrael ; Odeng Tyrande ; Jackpot Yrel ; Pandagom Sgt Hammer

Team Rich: Polaris Fenix ; Hooligan Diablo ; Ezz Deckard ; OhDuck Blaze ; Rich Chromie

Game start at 01:54:50

AlluringSparklingIguanaFrankerZ - HOTS REVIVAL scrim Team Rich vs Trogg Is Best



Spoiler: This game looks like it was lost in draft. Team Rich's CC heavy comp just stops everything. It doesn't help that Trogg tries multiple times to make aggressive moves without their whole team being ready or at a level/talent deficit. Trogg tried to grab the pulse and fight before 10 — it didn't work (unfortunately for them Team Rich hit 10 in the middle, and it already wasn't going well). Trogg again tries to force a fight after hitting 10 and lose 3. After the 2nd protector, they keep positioning aggressively, but down a talent they get trashed. The deaths in the second clip leads directly to Team Rich taking down the core. Match time 13:36 (video 02:11:55), Team Rich 20 kills, lv 19. Trogg 3 kills, lv 16.

Battlefield of Eternity

Team Rich first ban/pick

Bans: (Rich) Medivh Tyrande Yrel / (Trogg) Maiev Ana Fenix

Team Rich: Hooligan Anubarak ; OhDuck Blaze ; Polaris Thrall ; Ezz Deckard ; Rich Hanzo

Trogg Is Best: Isaac Diablo ; Pandagom Raynor ; odeng Kharazim ; Jackpot Arthas ; Angelwing Li-Ming

Game start at 02:19:20




Spoiler: Trogg gives a couple unanswered kills, missed some soak, and vs Rich on Hanzo… Team Rich picked up the first objective and though Trogg kept close in level, they were losing objectives and structures. They tried a team fight at 16 vs 17 which lead to the end of the game. Match time 16:08 (video 02:35:51). Team Rich 23 kills, lv 18. Trogg 7 kills, lv 17.

This game was followed by a game goofing off with role swaps in TL vs 5 solo queued.

Rich Ana ; Hooligan Jaina ; OhDuck Zagara ; Polaris Diablo ; Ezz Nazeebo


Spoiler: Team Rich loses badly.

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