Heroes of the Storm

HOTS REVIVAL scrim TNL (CrazyMoving) v BullNotUm (HongCono), Team Alex, TwTnyang (KyoCha)

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim TNL (CrazyMoving) v BullNotUm (HongCono), Team Alex, TwTnyang (KyoCha)

Before he logged out this morning I noticed Crazymoving had a couple videos I hadn't seen… One was his team just beating up on randoms in TL, but there's also a scrim vs BullNotUm (HongCono) that continues into a scrim TNL vs Team Alex and then into a scrim vs TwTnyang (KyoCha) (with Polaris from team Rich playing instead of DDuDDu).

If you catch him when he's on, you can start the videos and continue watching even if he's disconnected.

391202319 - HOTS REVIVAL scrim TNL (CrazyMoving) v BullNotUm (HongCono), Team Alex, TwTnyang (KyoCha)

https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391202319 (
twitch.tv/mvpcrazymoving must be online to watch)

TNL vs BullNotUm


Bans (BullNotUm) Diablo Zeratul Jaina / (TNL) Ana Maiev Garrosh

BullNotUm: HERO Imperius ; ;

TNL: ; ; bdg Junkrat

Spoiler: BullNotUm wins. Game time 16:17. BullNotUm 26 kills lv 21. TNL 8 kills lv 17.


Bans (TNL) Imperius Tyrande ETC / (BullNotUm) Ana Diablo Dehaka

TNL: Gondar Maiev ; ;

BullNotUm: ; ; Kapibara Genji

Spoiler: TNL wins. Game time 15:04. TNL 14 kills lv 19. BullNotUm 9 kills lv 18.


Bans (TNL) Imperius Diablo Hanzo / (BullNotUm) Ana Maiev ETC

TNL: Tyrande JaeHyun ; ;

BullNotUm: ; ; Kapibara Genji

at 11:40 this video stops and is resumed in https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391222481 (again, a Crazymoving video, seems to only be available if he's online)

The start of this continues Tomb of the Spider Queen game at 12:59

Spoiler: BullNotUm wins. Game Time 14:53. BullNotUm 14 kills lv 19. TNL 7 kills lv 17.


Bans (TNL) Diablo Tyrande Genji / (BullNotUm) Maiev Ana Fenix

TNL: bdg Zeratul ; ;

BullNotUm: ; ; NaCHoJin Falstad

Spoiler: BullNotUm wins. Game time 14:10. BullNotUm 15 kills lv 19. TNL 5 kills lv 16.

TNL v Team Alex

Following this at about the 1 hour mark, there's another scrim vs a team that has Judy and Asgard on it, so probably Team Alex. I don't recognize the characters for two of the names compared to Gclef's draft list. One is 헌신알렉스트라자 which google translate gives as "dedication Alexstrasza" and I assume that's Alex. The other is 방출의마법봉 which google translate gives as "Wand of Emission" (is that some kind of dick reference?), and by default if that's not a sub, that would be Liu.


Bans (TNL) Anubarak Tyrande Malthael / (Alex) Maiev Ana Fenix

TNL: Gondar Diablo ; JaeHyun Stukov ; bdg Alarak ; Crazymoving Jaina ; HaeBin Imperius

Alex: Ojae Hanzo ; Alex Lucio ; Liu? Junkrat ; Judy Garrosh ; Asgard Leoric

There was a problem with the video for me. I could only see the end of the draft so I didn't get to see pick order.

Spoiler: Judy's Garrosh went on a rampage and got five unanswered picks in the first three and a half minutes for an early 7 to 6 lead. Team Alex took the first two objectives to clean out all three forts and some damage mid keep. Team Alex retreated for a moment, but weren't done yet as they came back mid with TNL's bruiser camp. With three kills, mid keep gone, and a 15 to 12 level advantage, they sent the neutral giants down bottom while they went top to take boss.

TNL made an attempt to turn in gems but got caught in a fight while retreating. Things weren't looking too bad for TNL for a moment with the Diablo ult stun in cramped quarters, but the 16 to 12 level advantage was too much and they ultimately lost the fight 5 for 1 (Garrosh went down), and Team Alex followed the boss in through top keep to end a very dominant game.

Alex win. Game time 12:31. Alex 18 kills, lv 17. TNL 1 kill, lv 13.


Bans (Alex) Ana Maiev Zeratul / (TNL) Anubarak Tyrande Falstad

Alex: Ojae Hanzo ; ;

TNL: ; ; bdg Genji

Spoiler: This game started a bit more evenly, with both teams ignoring the first objective in favor of racing to 10 and sending gnoll camps out. Team Alex got an advantage in kills (including one by Rexxar on an inattentive Abathur) and eventually won first objective.

A series of skirmishes (some rather silly) lead to deaths on both sides, but both teams were up for second objective. The fight overwhelmingly went Team Alex's way, and Diablo took the objective while the rest of Alex headed to top boss. With boss and objective, they marched down top lane, killing an out-of-position Dehaka. Genji and the Genji clone did nothing, and Alex hit level 20 while taking down core with only top keep down.

Alex win. Game time 16:23. Alex 13 kills lv 20. TNL 9 kills lv 18.


Bans (Alex) Ana Anubarak Malthael / (TNL) Maiev Garrosh ETC

Alex: Asgard Leoric ; ;

TNL: ; ; JaeHyun Lucio

Spoiler: Alexstrasza's Dragon Queen during the shrine phase gave Team Alex every shrine, and although Cho'gall took some deaths, Life Binding ult hit at some very good times and let Team Alex decisively win fights.

On the third shrine (mid), Team Alex had a siege camp pushing bottom to a damaged keep wall. The shrine fight went on long enough for the camp to take down bottom keep, and TNL eventually gave up the objective to stop the camp from hitting the core's shields.


The third punisher didn't do much damage, and after clearing it, TNL chased a retreating Team Alex (both teams at 20) back to Alex's mid fort wall. Team Alex turned and Life Binding saved a near dead Cho'gall. With that full health pool and TNL already being low from an extended fight, Team Alex killed all of a now fleeing TNL except Lucio, rolled down through bottom, and ended the game.

Alex win. Game time 18:33. Alex 11 kills lv 21. TNL 10 kills lv 20.

TNL vs TwTnyang (Polaris subbed for DDuDDu)

KyoCha was streaming for this, and the VOD from his perspective is https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391223307 starting at about 2:20:00.


Bans (TNL) Tyrande Kharazim Thrall / (TwTnyang) Garrosh Diablo Raynor

TNL: Gondar Maiev ; ;

TwTnyang: ; ; Modern Junkrat



Spoilers: An aggressively diving Hide, with Polaris following up stuns with Blizzard, scored TwTnyang a lot of picks early game despite TNL winning contested shrines in the first two phases. TwTnyang started making that ability to get picks count though and took bottom keep and a lead in shots. In mid game, TNL's CC and sanctification let them flip that back around by retaking their bot, taking TwTnyang's bot, and shrinking the difference in core health.

At 9v7 shots, down lv 19 v 20, TwTnyang abandoned bottom where next shrine was spawning to set up a gank by boss. It didn't work, and with Hammer bottom to capture the shrine and 3 sappers on an open path, TwTnyang went down to 1 point. An overextended Jaina showed top but TwTnyang was able to soak 20 before TNL dived and killed her. With a Sindragosa/Rip-tire combo, TwTnyang engaged in a clutch 4v5 fight that they won with a 5-0 wipe.

A respawned Jaina captured bottom for 3 points, and the rest of TwTnyang took boss to end the game while a respawned Hammer was helpless to do anything. Really, this was a throw. The first time I saw this, my thought was "why is Gondar at 25% health trying to dive Ana".

TwTnyang wins. Game time 22:06. TwTnyang 16 kills lv 21. TNL 12 kills lv 21.


Bans (TwTnyang) Garrosh Maiev None / (TNL) Ana Anubarak Dehaka

TwTnyang: BlueB2tle Tyrande ; ;

TNL: ; ; bdg Genji

Spoilers: Although Genji and a top lane Imperius got an early pick on Rexxar, Guldan overwhelmed Hanzo in bottom and the threat of roaming ETC with Tyrande followup gave TwTnyang too much pressure. TwTnyang got the first two dragons, knocking down mid and bot forts. With a 13v11 level lead, TwTnyang followed up with a siege & bruiser camp push that took down bot keep.

A desperation fight 15v12 mid forced by TNL to stop a third DK from being taken lead to a 5-0 team wipe and TwTnyang ending down bottom lane.

TwTnyang win. Game time 11:10. TwTnyang 12 kills lv 16. TNL 1 kill lv 13.


Bans (TNL) Hanzo Fenix Zeratul / (TwTnyang) Garrosh Maiev Thrall

TNL: JaeHyun Ana ; ;

TwTnyang: ; ; KyoCha Rexxar

Spoilers: TNL eschewed the watch tower in favor of taking four bottom to try to do some damage with Sgt. Hammer, but aside from a few hits on a tower, didn't do much. Early game, TNL had trouble with the superior wave clear of Jaina and Junkrat, and ETC struggled against Rexxar top. TwTnyang had all three of TNL's forts down by the end of the second shrine phase.

Third shrine phase, with temples at both top and bottom, TwTnyang 4-0 wiped TNL after taking half the bot shrine, then took boss, while meanwhile on the top Rexxar ran ETC out and took the entire top shrine. The boss, bottom shrine, and a little bit of poke removed bottom keep. Then while ETC and Hammer cleared their own stolen bruiser camp, TwTnyang took down mid keep wall.

Fourth objective phase (mid and bot) was at a 19v16 level advantage for TwTnyang. With a bruiser camp going in top, giants bottom, and Jaina uncontested on bottom temple, TNL came in a group of 5 to contest mid. While they were successful at killing Anubarak in exchange for Raynor and driving TwTnyang off the point, mid keep was already long gone from temple shots and the combination of minion/merc/temple damage to their core was too much.

TwTnyang win. Game time 14:19. TwTnyang 6 kills lv 19. TNL 1 kill lv 16.


Bans (TNL) Tyrande Imperius Deckard / (TwTnyang) Garrosh Maiev

TNL: JaeHyun Ana ; ;

TwTnyang: ; ; KyoCha Leoric

Spoilers: Although the laning was more in control for TNL, TwTnyang got an early xp lead that proved to be permanent throughout the game. They had a talent advantage for the first two objectives and won them.

Although they're ahead lv 18 to 16 on the third, TwTnyang didn't want to risk the fight, and waited while Leoric pushed mid and a siege camp damaged the wall of top keep. TNL didn't respond to these until after they won the protector, and sent back three to deal with lane pressure. Their protector didn't get much done (bottom fort and some damage to top fort), and with 20, TwTnyang staggered picks on Ana, ETC and Li-Ming and took down top keep, mid keep, and then core.

TwTnyang win. Game time 18:48. TwTnyang 13 kills lv 21. TNL 5 kills lv 19.

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