Heroes of the Storm

Hotsapi.net has some Christmas presents for you guys

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Hotsapi.net has some Christmas presents for you guys

Hello everyone! Hotsapi.net is alive and well and continues its development. I'm proud to present a few big features I've been working on lately.


We've published hotsapi dataset to Google BigQuery! Now everyone can query our full dataset with SQL without worrying about server performance and installing anything. You only need to create a Google Cloud account and can do the rest from their Web UI.

Ever wondered how many times Illidan dies in different game modes? Here you go:

select game_type, avg((select deaths from unnest(players.score))) as avg from hotsapi.replays cross join unnest(replays.players) as players where players.hero = 'Illidan' group by game_type; 


game_type avg QuickMatch 5.87 HeroLeague 4.71 TeamLeague 4.58 UnrankedDraft 4.76 Brawl 7.04 

Or how about which heroes capture the most merc camps?

select players.hero, avg((select merc_camp_captures from unnest(players.score))) as avg from hotsapi.replays cross join unnest(replays.players) as players group by players.hero order by avg desc limit 5; 


hero avg Samuro 3.79 Illidan 3.73 The Lost Vikings 3.65 Sonya 3.52 Murky 3.49 

Or which maps have the most contested Watchtowers?

select game_map, avg((select watch_tower_captures from unnest(players.score))) * 10 as avg from hotsapi.replays cross join unnest(replays.players) as players group by game_map order by avg desc limit 5; 


game_map avg Haunted Mines 37.69 Sky Temple 23.13 Blackheart's Bay 23.02 Warhead Junction 22.88 Cursed Hollow 15.97 

With this new service you can answer all those questions in seconds. Oh, and by the way those queries are over entire HotS history, and they take around 1 second to execute and cost $0.01. Google kindly provides first Tb of processed data ($5) per month for free. You can access our dataset here or read more in the docs.

Currently I'm still in the process of implementing of streaming new data to BigQuery dataset so during the winter holidays it may lag a few days behind in data until I complete implementing it.

Database dumps and stable metadata parsing

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Before it was hard to rely on hotsapi extended replay parsing because there ware no seed database dumps and it was hard to obtain the initial data. In addition to that hotsapi extended replay parsing was periodically turned off due to the lack of funds. So almost all services downloaded and parsed all replay files themselves. Now I've found how to solve both problems cost efficiently. From now on there will be daily updated database snapshots in .csv format that users can load into their MySQL instance much faster than .sql dumps. You can find more technical info in the docs. There's also a new /replays/parsed endpoint that sorts replays in the order they are parsed and is intended to give users incremental replay metadata updates. Also extended parsing is now always on and should typically lag only few seconds behind replay uploads!


New documentation section and API changes

Hotsapi now has new documentation section and an updated api reference. Now it describes in detail how to use hotsapi, download replay files, database dumps, etc.

As we found out on practice, even simple select queries on multiple criteria can significantly load our mysql instance. It has only 1 CPU core and 2Gb memory to deal with a billion row database. So we let it deal with simple stuff like uploads and showing new updates through api, and all more complex queries should be run either on users own database instance or BigQuery. So we've removed most filters like start_date end_date map game_type player, hero from replay list. Check out the current API reference in our docs


Sadly we lost 2 biggest Patreon supporters which amounts to more than half of our funds. Now we need help from the community to be sustainable again, especially with the new features that add server costs. Currently we have only $113/mo out of $300/mo that I spend on servers, the rest is from my pocket.

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Those are hard time for HotS so we need to step up and help the game and the community. I enjoy it and will continue to play it. I'm doing what I can to support hotsapi and all developers that rely on it.

Here's our Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/hotsapi, hotsapi needs your support.


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