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How can I improve?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - How can I improve?

From lack of anything better to do I've been playing HotS a lot recently. About a month ago I figured I'd try to get back into ranked. I do my placements and get into Bronze 3 or somewhere around that. Ok, that's fine. The last time I did ranked was years ago when I didn't know much so I figure it still has me there. No problem, I can climb out. I'm better now.

At first it seemed that way – I had around a 70% winrate and was climbing my way up pretty quickly. I got to Silver 3 fairly easily. But then I stalled out. At first I just stagnated then little by little I started losing. At first it was gradual then it got faster and as of writing this post I just lost ANOTHER game and dropped to Bronze 2. I'm not going to say I deserve GM and everyone else is dragging me down or anything. There are a lot of times I can identify ssomething my teammates are doing wrong, but I'm not great either. Which is why I'm making this post.

Before anyone pulls out the oh-so-frequent answer of "just macro and you'll climb easily" I already do that. I always try to pick solo laners unless we get the old "instalock 3 ranged assassins" then I fill, usually as tank. I usually play Leoric, but occasionally I'll play another bruiser – mostly Sonya since she can solo merc camps and Leoric can't until later levels. I'm kind of at a loss. I really want to improve and climb but it's starting to feel like I can't do anything right.


I'd say probably my main weakness is team fighting. Especially on someone melee like Leoric I tend to skirt around the edges and hoping someone else creates enough space for me to go in without getting blown up instead of committing. I also think sometit'llmes I have trouble understanding when to get out of the solo lane and stop soaking and go fight with the team instead. There's a lot of times where I see that there's a fight over nothing or the enemy is grouped as 5 on the objective while we have 1 dead or the enemy has a talent tier over us and I go to soak since it doesn't seem like fighting is good for us only for my team to die and ping me with "Leo we need you to be with us." A lot of the time I think that's bs, we're not going to win a 4v5 you shouldn't be engaging, but it happens enough that I'm starting to think there are times when I need to come down that I don't.

But honestly any help is welcome. I'm pretty disappointed since I thought I was better than this, but if I was good at this game I would have climbed out of bronze/silver by now. So I'll take anything you can offer.

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