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How do you climb in this game?

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - How do you climb in this game?

Now maybe most of you people think I'm just really bad and mad and should focus on my play and that sort of thing. But I really really don't understand how you are supposed to get a good winrate and climb in this game. I got matched into gold 4 then climbed to 3 and now I'm 5 again.

I watch a lot of videos streams and read stuff about the game. How to play certain maps, merc timings bla bla all that kinda stuff. I ask people to soak every game, explain to them that soaking 1 wave gives more xp than 1 hero kill and try being nice but for the fu*k of it I can't win a fu*king game no matter what role I play.


So to all those people who really experienced a solid climb… How do you do it? I really don't know what else to do. Do I just run around with my teammates and do the same retarded shit they're doing? Even if I know it's bad? Do I just mute chat, ignore all and only pick heroes that can "carry" on their own? I really really don't fu*king know how to win games in this moba since I feel it's so so way more team dependant and when you have a bad team you just lose. I mean people don't listen to anything. Even if you explain it nicely and give them a bunch of reasons why they should do smth. It's just really really frustrating…

And I know now you might say: "well your enemy has the same problem bla bla". Well… honestly I'm not sure anymore cuz it seems like every fu*king game it's not that way

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