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How does a new player get into this game?

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - How does a new player get into this game?

Don't know exactly how to start this, but gonna try to keep it short. As someone who has played League for about 7 years, messed with Dota a bit before that, this game seems to have huuuge balancing issues: – for one, I don't understand why are there so many maps? How could I know which heroes work best on which maps and how can I possibly remember all the mechanics in all of the maps? I start to get the feeling for one map, but then I don't get to play on that map again for 10 games. Then after a week I get a map I never played on, it's ridiculous. If you want to mix it up and make it interesting, 5 maps would be enough. – some maps are generally bad design in my opinion. For example there's the spider one (sry, don't know the name), if you get the first summon, all lanes get to be pushed in super effectively, after what you get to kill all the camps on the map, which also help you push. This doesn't allow the enemy team to get out of base simply because all the lanes are pushing in super hard. You get to summon another set of spider queens almost for free after what you really hardly ever loose. – mounts. Some maps are so small you can get from top to bottom in literally 8 seconds or less. You can be on bottom lane mindig your own business when a squad of 4 mounds rush in and kill you. On some maps it's better tbf, just because the maps are larger, but the point is, you can be anywhere in a few seconds with your mount. You're on bot, there's a fight top? Hop on a mount be there in a few seconds. Got a bad trade in early game? Recall, hop on a mount, get back in a few seconds, that is if the fountain isn't availabe to drink from. – healing is way too overpowered in this game. I've never seen a game decided in draft so hard or just by luck if you're going a quick normal game like here. If your team doesn't have a healer, and the enemy does, with a tank who in itself is a self healing monster, it's not playable. – lack of laning. There doesn't seem to be lanes in this game, everyone runs around the map as they please. There's no experience leaching from your carry, because all the experience is shared. There's no last hitting, you can kill minions as you please. You can take a bad trade, because if you have a healer, you're gonna be topped off in a few seconds. If that fails, there's the fountain. If that fails, recall and get back fast on a mount.


There are maps with two lanes and teams end up going 4v4 and 1v1. You can hardly kill camps so early in the game, or it just takes simply too much time, so you're forced to be in a lane. There are so many bad maps from a design standpoint, because you get to snowball way too hard (or get snowballed on). You can tell so many games by minute 2 who's gonna win, it becomes demoralizing to play through another 15 minutes just to loose.

How does a pro scene survive in this game?

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