Heroes of the Storm

How I’d improve the Chat and the related Report system with 5 new simple features

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - How I'd improve the Chat and the related Report system with 5 new simple features


I know this is a controversial topic and many of you will dismiss my ideas considering them useless, but I want to make a try anyways.

This post is about global restrictions for Chat and Pings, that are settings that will automatically apply to every game you'll start because you selected them in your global settings, similar to the current Enable Team Chat setting you can find in the Social tab in the Options.

Please, don't reply if you wanna write I'm a snowflake. Snowflakes are beautiful and this post is about the game, not about me.

Feature #1: Read-Only Chat/Pings Punishment

When you get reported for Abusive Chat, you can keep playing Ranked but you can't write in Draft Chat, Team Chat and Whisper people you don't have in your Friends List. Draft Chat is always included in this case.

When you get reported for Spam, you can keep playing Ranked but you can't use Pings. It's common to use Pings to blame people.

The fact you can keep playing Ranked is there because:

  • Some people report for Abusive Chat and/or Spam even if you didn't actually commit anything wrong for that category during that game, in a chance to lock you out for Ranked play because you probably have done something bad in the past.
  • Some people actually play the game without using Team Chat and/or Pings already.
  • Some people just change account to play around the punishment.

Feature #2: Read-Only Chat/Pings by Choice (Self-Punishment)

Whenever you'd like to play but don't feel you'll be patient enough because you are not in the mood, you can disable your Draft Chat and/or Team Chat input and Whispers to people you don't have in your Friends List for a set amount of time equal to 1 hour, so that you won't be able to enable them again when you'll tilt. Draft Chat is optional in this case.


Same for Pings.

I know that not playing for a while is an option, but assume the player in question has limited time to play.

Feature #3: Write-Only Chat/Pings by Choice

If you want to communicate your plans but you'd like to avoid any risk of toxicity in chat, you can hide all the messages from your team in the Team Chat.

This is currently possible already, but you have to manually Mute every team member each time you start a new game.

Same for Pings.

Feature #4: Party Immunity to Chat/Pings Restrictions

People in your Party will be immune to the global restrictions but you'll always be able to manually Mute their Chat/Pings when needed.

A common issue now is that if you play with Team Chat disabled but a person in your Party decides to write in Team Chat rather than in Party Chat, you can't read him and he'll never know.

If you play in Party with someone with a Punishment, it's your choice, so I think you should be able to read him by default, unless you manually Mute him.

Feature #5: Show Icons for Disabled Chat/Pings

If a player disabled Team Chat and/or Pings, just show a dedicated icon in the Tab screen.

No matter if a punishment or a choice, the team needs to know who's able to read Team Chat and/or see Pings somehow.

Bonus Feature: Duplicate Pings Protection

This feature will deny any exact duplicate Ping (same symbol at/on the same location/unit).

It could be a default feature or another global restriction that every player can enable/disable.

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