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How to be healed by: Li Li

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - How to be healed by: Li Li

As a healer main, I think it would be helpful to detail how to best get healed and work with healers. I'll try to do a write up for each healer. Today we have my favorite little panda, Li Li!

The Basics:

Q: Heals a nearby allied hero

W: Puts a serpent sidekick on someone which heals them when it attacks enemies

E: Blinds enemies

R1: Channel to rapidly heal enemies

R2: Damage and slow in an AOE around nearest hero

D: When Li Li takes damage, her CDs refresh 50% faster and she gains movement speed

Q: Healing Brew

Healing brew is Li Li's main heal, her oft-joked about Q-spam. This heal will prioritize the lowest health hero in range. The range is not incredible, so it's important that you stay within range of Li Li if you need heals – darting around randomly will likely end with her healing someone else and putting her Q on CD. This also means if you are super low health and hearthing, you need to back up a bit or you're denying her heals from other people or forcing her into an unsafe position to heal the remaining players.

She can upgrade this heal through talents to add a HOT (heal over time) as well as additional boosts to healing based on the health of her target. This means that she can very likely heal you up to full from low health if you're patient – depending on the map and your/her mana levels, it's often a wasted opportunity in lane to hearth back.


  • Get into range if you need heals and stay nearish so you don't juke her heals
  • Get somewhere out of the way when hearthing so you don't steal heals
  • Reconsider hearthing if you and Li Li both have high mana

W: Cloud Serpent

This adds a summon which follows you and attacks enemies, healing you each time it hits one. This includes minions! The most frustrating thing as a Li Li is to put a serpent on someone only to have them back away out of range from ANYTHING to hit. That wastes it completely.

She can upgrade the serpent to last longer when it hits heroes and to bounce its attacks between heroes. After 16, the serpent's healing gets nicely boosted, especially on a high health hero (the healing is % based). Check talents and if Li Li has gone serpent factor that in as it can help you stay alive more than you realize…if you stay in range of enemies.


  • Stay (safely) in range of an enemy, even if it's just minions, so the serpent can heal you
  • After 16, if she's talented for it, healing becomes pretty strong, especially if facing multiple enemies

E: Blinding Wind

This skill blinds the two nearest enemies, prioritizing heroes. Blinds are pretty underrated, but they stop auto attacks, which can completely shut down heroes like Butcher, Illidan, Tracer and Artanis.

Li Li can upgrade her blind for increased spellpower, longer duration or slows.


  • Recognize that damage mitigation is very valuable and won't be reflected on the scoreboard
  • Pay attention for when heroes are blinded to capitalize on it (eg unloading on Butcher or Illidan when they can't self heal)

Trait/D: Fast Feet

Li Li's trait is really fun – whenever she takes damage, her cooldowns recharge quicker AND she moves faster. This makes her much more brawly than many healers and it's actually quite useful for her to be dancing around taking hits from minions or standing in minor AoE.

She can upgrade this talent to increase her mana regeneration, add a manual activation for extra D (hehe) or even give up to 30 armor from taking damage.


The downside is that she needs to be unhindered. Stuns shut her down, but if she's free and able to scamper away, her trait makes her AMAZING at baiting enemies into the team. Valeera in particular makes an awesome duo with Li Li as many people tunnel vision and forget about the gank in the bush.


  • Don't bitch at Li Li for standing in stuff
  • Consider leaving some minions for her to get hit by if the fight is in lane
  • Watch her baiting and be prepared to ambush

R1: Jug of 1,000 cups

This skill lets Li Li rapidly heal allies within a large range. The longer she channels to heal, the longer her cooldown is, so her ult cooldown is a bit unpredictable. The baseline cooldown is 20 seconds, however, so a good disengage can ensure her ult is ready again for the next fight.

This spell is channeled, but she can move while casting. Stuns and loss of control (eg Anub's cocoon) cancel it, while stuns cast as she begins to channel will put the spell on a short CD.


  • Block enemies from diving deep to interrupt her channel
  • Disengage if the fight isn't a clear win so she can have her ult back up before the other healer's ult is

R2: Water Dragon

Despite what many people think, this ult isn't just a DPS skill. Water dragon is AMAZING at setting up picks, as not only does it slow the target it hits, it also slows everyone nearby. It also makes for a great disengage. At level 20, she can upgrade it to cast a second dragon after the first. Once the water dragon has spawned from Li Li, it continues casting even if she is stunned, cocooned, etc.


  • Stop bitching that Li Li is taking a "damage ult" – water dragon complements certain comps, eg a dive heavy comp, as well as ensuring the team can escape (eg if the enemies are dive heavy). It also is a viable alternative if the enemies have too many easy stuns to make jugs work
  • Be prepared to dive the dragon target
  • Don't force move an enemy when water dragon is about to land, I'm looking at you Muradin


  • Cleanse: Li Li gets this at level 7. It gives a small heal in addition to the cleanse. It has a 40 second CD so don't expect a second one if you promptly engage again.
  • Mistweaver: At level 20, Li Li can select a talent to give AoE heals. The range is a bit larger than Kharazim's W (a post for another day) and the baseline CD is 30 seconds, BUT her own AAs and cloud serpent AAs reduce that, so if she's taken that stay in range of something for cloud serpent to hit and lower the CD
  • Wind Serpent: This awesome level 1 talent tosses out a blind when Li Li puts a serpent on someone. This means she can finish someone off even if you personally aren't in range to do it – with the slow talent, she can also help get you in range of that person.

Overall Takeaways

Li Li is a somewhat bruiser sort of hero. A strong frontline and dive comp complement her well. Extended damage trading isn't usually in her favor, but against certain healers, she can outlast if built for Q (heavy damage) or D (long fights).

Stay within range, hearth away from the team, let cloud serpent hit enemies, set up bush ganks for her to lead enemies to.

Li Li's best buds: Gankers like Valeera/Kerrigan, armor/self sustain like Garrosh

Li Li's worst enemies: Stunners like Imperius, heavy burst mages like Li Ming

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