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How to become a Caster and recruit Casters for your tournaments: Project in development

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - How to become a Caster and recruit Casters for your tournaments: Project in development

Hey Everyone,

Over the years I have constantly heard people asking, ‘how do I become a caster?’ and ‘where do I start?’. The advice provided sounds logical, take a VOD cast over it, upload it to your Youtube or Twitch, repeat, and try to get live games to cast. But the current process is missing easy opportunities for feedback, visibility by tournament/game organizers and any real way of finding live games to cast for organizations.

The opportunity to fill these gaps for aspiring casters has motivated me to work on a web-based platform to connect casters with tournament hosts and provide a feedback system to help casters improve with quality feedback.

I am working on a website where casters can create profiles, stating the games and languages they specialize in as well as including clips of previously casted matches (if available). Tournament and match organizers will be able to post casting opportunities which casters can apply for and after a job is completed there will be a rating system based on different metrics (qualitative and quantitative, think 1-5 star rating for: play by play, hype, game knowledge, etc…) to help the caster focus in on their craft and to allow tournament hosts to choose casters out of a large pool of applicants.

I am playing around with the idea of a rating system in order to incentiveize improvement, the rating will be weighted heavily on more recent matches, a couple other components to make sure lower ratings early on can be absolved with improvement in future games (the goal is to help casters improve and find jobs, not create a leaderboard filtering out new casters from opportunities).


Ok, wall of text is almost over. I am curios if aspiring casters and tournament organizers would find this website useful.

Plus, what features would you like to see in a caster profile, rating system or host profile in order to make this website more useful for you as a caster or match organizer?

TLDR: I am working to create a website for casters (brand new, amateur, super saiyan veterans…) to connect with tournament/game organizers to cast games and obtain feedback in qualitative and quantitative forms. Tournament/game organizers can post opportunities that casters can apply to and organizers can also sort through casters based on different specifications. I am curious if aspiring casters and tournament hosts would find this useful and what features they would like to see.

Thanks for any feedback, questions, comments, encouragement or discouragement. It's all greatly appreciated!

*My goal is to have later stages implement a feature to hire a caster and pay them for their services. Free casting opportunities will still be available.

**You might see this post in several different game subreddits as I am collecting as much feedback from the gaming community as possible.

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