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How to climb HL with Johanna

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - How to climb HL with Johanna

I've used this to climb to GM#171 EU this season, but it works even better on lower levels where they don't really know how to counterplay a good Johanna.


level 1: 95% of the time Hold your ground. (if you don't have healer, or it fits your playstyle better, get Laws of Hope) I mainly pick it because I play an obnoxious ganker/side laner johanna after level 4, and you would be surprised how good it is against uncoordinated teams. Cooldown reduction + more shield is what you wish for when you are ganking. Also in teamfights they have harder time to get through you.

good to know Johanna is unstoppable as long as she has the shield from her trait. More shield = harder to stop her.

level 4: Sins exposed. Only viable option in this level, must pick, it gives you waveclear. After level 4 you can E-W-Q a whole minion wave and the rangeds survive with 1 hit + something like 10 hp. After I think level 5 or 6 you only need 1 hit for rangeds.

Level 7: Against Butcher or Illidan or some heavy AA dive team you can pick Zealous Glare but generally I pick Blessed Momentum. Faster recharge for abilities is insanely good in teamfights.

Level 10: Blessed shield, you only ult option. After this you can make pickoffs happen really easily. If you have your teammates following you, just ping a hero, blessed shield to the face, combo it down with E-W-Q (if you don't have anyone more important to blind), and don't use your trait yet.

Usually when you initiate a fight and all of your teammates use every CD on that 1 target, you are left 5v4 but all of your skills on CD. Be prepared to have a hard time getting your team out if that happens, generally they become overconfident and go into the fight and just die.

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Level 13: Depends on your playstyle TBH, I use Holy Fury, but overall it doesn't matter as much as other heroes level 13. You have damage talents on a main tank.

Level 16: You feel squishy? Get heal. Enemy with dive comp? MS/AS reduction. Wanna generally fu*k around with enemy and catch them off-guard mid teamfight with a bugatti Johanna? get Fanaticism.

Level 20: Either big shield for yourself or shield allies, depends how the enemy handles fights. Ignore you and go for your team, obviously team shield. Want to focus fire you down? shield for you.

Side note: Malthael ult eats through your self shield.

General playstyle: You are on the front. You are Johanna, the tankiest tank HotS ever known early game. Enemy throws you into the backline? Traint and walk away. Enemy swaps you to the backline? Trait and walk away. Enemy initiates on you? Good, their tank is squishier than you, fight them. Usually just stick around with your team, in case they try to dive them you have to peel. When you see an opportunity, go in with Condemn.

You can towerdive relative safe with your trait, but not long, if you can manage to snatch a kill quickly, it's worth to pop your trait to tank fort.

If you don't see a teamfight happen soon again, get XP from all lanes possible, you can clear one and get to the other. Johanna is bad at taking camps but very good at waveclear, utilize it, your random teammates don't get XP as often as they should. Pray that they don't engage in some stupid 2v3 skirmishes on the other side of the map for no reason, or whatever, because obviously that will be your fault soaking while you are 1 talent behind. In this game XP is life, get as much as you can.

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After level 10 with Blessed shield you have easier time to initiate a fight or peel. Johanna's CC lock is annoying af, with followup CC you can melt tanks with proper burst.

Late game if they follow you, try to find a pickoff. Johanna technically can facecheck bushes if you know your team is competent enough to immediately followup, especially the healer.

Also as a last reminder: This playstyle only works in HL, not in coordinated TL games.

TL;DR Johanna is tanky with lots of CC, and can soak XP well. use it.

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