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How to Climb out of Bronze Hell?

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - How to Climb out of Bronze Hell?

Yes, another topic with this title.

I feel like I am cursed. I have fallen from Gold 3 to Bronze 2 this season. Whether I queue alone or not, this season I literally can't seem to catch a break. I started 11-2, then out of nowhere I lost 19 straight. You read that right.

Since then, about 80% of my games in Gold, Silver, and now Bronze have at least one of the following:

  • Someone goes AFK at the start of the game and we are left with AI
  • Someone gives up about 5 minutes into the game, then proceeds to complain and blame everyone else on the team
  • Someone picks a character they admit they have no idea how to play (not my biggest pet peeve, but still annoying)
  • Someone starts intentionally feeding from the start of the game
  • Someone picks Azmo, TLV, or another laning character and seems to be a bot, as they don't respond to anything all game, play like a human would, or help in teamfights

These were my games today:

  • Game 1: Troll/AFK – Person banning bans all of the picks we are showing. Then they go AFK at the start of the game, so we are left with AI. One guy that had his pick banned picks a random tank he doesn't know how to play to "get back" at the person who banned, then lanes all game and gets camps, dives in 1v5 and dies, and ignores the objective and teamfights. We lost in about 10 minutes.
  • Game 2: AFK – Someone AFK during draft, so game drops
  • Game 2: AFK – Someone AFK during draft AGAIN, so game drops
  • Game 2: Troll/AFK – Abathur moves to inner keep and just sits there. Doesn't get close to soak XP, doesn't hat anyone, and just goes AFK randomly throughout the game. Never uses ult once. At the end of the game when the rest of us complain and call to report them, he starts saying how bad all of us are at our characters even though they clearly lose the game for us. We lose in about 13 minutes. I finish with all but one of the kills and more than half of the damage of my entire team.
  • Game 3: Troll/AFK – During draft, no one except me is showing. Someone first picks Butcher (wasn't showing at all before they picked), then someone has to pick a second character but still no one is showing. I switch my pick from damage to Tank so we at least have that. Someone says they will fill, shows a healer, then switches their pick at the last second to damage. Our Butcher feeds, we have no healer, one person goes AFK at the start of the game and gives up because the other guy did not pick a healer, and we lose badly in about 10 minutes.

Most wins I only receive about 160-180 points, and most losses I lose 200-220+ points. I've been keeping track and it is ridiculous. My KDA has fallen from 5+ to 3.7, and my win rate has gone from an average of about 53% to about 48%.

I'm not a top-tier player for sure, and I know everyone says this but I honestly don't feel like I should be in Bronze. I have been playing for 4 years and climbed to Gold from Bronze 5. I soak, I get camps when it is safe before objectives, and I try not to die a lot, but this season has been the worst gaming experience of my life. I accept the fact that I could have gotten worse, but this is ridiculous.

Does anyone have any advice for climbing out of Bronze right now? I honestly feel like something has changed in the last few months and that I am getting queued differently or something. 🙁

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