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I'll be honest. It's amazing to realize that it's almost been a year since last December and I am still not over what Activision Blizzard has done to this game but specially to its professional players, casters and content makers.

On the verge of that Heatstone controversy, there's so much talk about how a player's livelihood was hurt by Blizzard's handling of the incident. You know what? I would like more of us to take advantage of this buzz, of blizzard harming a player's livehood, to broadcast what happened in December 2018. When Activision Blizzard, two weeks before Christmas, decided to announce that the HGC was no more – After months of insisting that HGC was going to happen.

I think most of us understand that money works like this and that if Blizzard were losing too much money from HGC and not making enough back, it makes sense to stop it. The problem is the incredibly bad timing of the announcement. There were even speculations that Blizzard intentionally waited for the 360-day boosts to be released for a couple of weeks before making the announcement.

Does Jay Allen's letter from last Friday sound ridiculous, tone deaf and clueless? This is no surprise to anyone who was paying attention to Heroes of the Storm when Brack posted his announcement in December.


If you want to help HoTS, take advantage of this buzz and warn other players. What's happening to Blizzard right now could have been avoided if the overall Blizzard player community would have been less forgiving in December 2018. Make sure to explain to people who are not in the know about this that Blizzard's behavior is not new. That there's hundreds of people whose livehoods were threatened in December and did not receive any compensation for it. And that if the broader Blizzard gamer community was better at ensuring bad actions have consequences, we wouldn't have to be dealing with Jay Allen Brack during this new incident. But late is better than never, undust the controversy about the "slower cadence" letter and turn this into the demonstration that Blizzard entertainment is following a pattern of behavior here. Promise Maximization takes priority over everything, including making fun games and including avoiding harming people.

tl;dr The narrative we need to push is that "Heroes of the storm was the canary in the coalmine" It should have been the warning about the new Blizzard.

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