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HeroesoftheStorm 6 - I am MurkyGod

Hi everyone, I am Murkygod/Azmogocore. I quit heroes of the storm after the cancellation of HGC but started to play this game again recently. Sometimes I stream on twitch just to record my own games and I didn’t expect anyone to watch my stream. But thanks to Glogan’s hosting, I got a lot of viewers. I’m not going to play this much after our economy reopens, so I am posting some videos and tips here to help you learn how to play Vikings and murky. Please note that some of the games were played in last patch.

Youtube channel: Murkygod

Twitch channel: Apmzeroheroes

I will try to post new videos regularly, until I get back to normal life.

To be honest, Vikings and murky are good when your opponents are bad. However, almost all good players left the game since the cancellation of HGC. So you can always first pick Vikings/murky in any game, on any map, against any comp. Murky and Vikings can do a lot more in ranked games than they could two years ago.

Here are some tips for TLV:

Inferno shrines: You should send Eric to snipe their wells during the first/second objective. Usually you only need 2 heroes to soak lanes, since the one near the active shrine can be soaked by your teammates. Therefore, sending Eric to snipe wells is the best thing to do.

Braxis: This is one of the best maps for Vikings. Put all Vikings in one lane. You should proxy farm if you are laning against Zagara, Deathwing or Yrel. Illidan is winnable if your micro is good. But in general, you should always try to proxy farm if you don’t think you can win the lane.

BOE: Put all vikings in one lane. Send Baleog to defend enemy mercs during objective. Send Olaf to push with your mercs. Send Eric to scout/poke.


Tomb of the spider queen: You can go “spy games” at lvl 1 and send Eric to scout for top/mid. This allows your team to play super aggressive, like having map hack. However, if your teammates are stupid, giving them vision is just meaningless. If this is the case, you may just want to send all three Vikings to win the bot lane.

Again, I don’t think murky and Vikings can be that OP back in old days, when pro players were playing hero league. It is kind of sad that this is happening. But good luck and enjoy the game!



Tomb of the spider queen TLV:

Braxis TLV:

Alterac TLV:

Sky temple TLV:

Towers of the doom Murky:

Please check my channel for new videos. I will post some comeback games as well. And some Azmogocore videos!

Thank you for watching my stream!

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