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I am NotBelial, AMA

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - I am NotBelial, AMA

I'm doing an AMA before I go back into the depts of hell. But before getting into it, I have some words to share.( It ended up being a huge text, sorry about it)

So, there are times for everything; there are times for fun, there are times for sadness, there are times for bamboozles and lies but also times for the truth. And right below, for once, I'm not gonna lie to you:

I've been around for some time, not that much actually, but I've always tried to bring some fun to this reddit, mostly by playing with your hopes (evil laugh). All this time I used extra effort to the details where it could make clear it was fake – I used all memes I could and filled everything with hints it was not real because I didn't want you to belive it for long – I didn't want to make you suffer. And now, with the recent news, I just can't play with hopes anymore because it would just be pretty wicked. That said, I'm thanking you for all the support, specially the moderators who have been kind and kept the posts (and once even tagged it "lord of lies" and made me feel special <3)

It was very sweet to be part of the community and interact with all of you, be it in reddit, twitter or be it in game. HoTS may not be the most profitable game but I'm sure it had so much love into it that we can be proud when we say we had the best team of blues and the best community of Blizz! So thanks everyone for the love and the great times we shared, it changed us for the best and it will always be part of us!

Well, that said… HoTS sort of saved my life and it's painful to see how it was stabbed and how I can't save it. I'm not that kind of guy, but I'd like to share with you a little of my history since the game is so meaningful to me. So, if you are not interested about it you can stop reading now.

I've been a blizz fanboy since I first glanced a Shadow Troll Priest in WC3. So I played HoTS since alpha hoping to play a troll one day. When there was the Beta Key being sold I gifted it to my brother. HoTS became the best way I had to connect with him, who lived in a different city for a couple of years and still do. We are Cho'Gall Level 70 and Gall'Cho level 20 by now. After some time playing, my dog fell badly sick and I started making fanmade skins to occupy my mind while he was in vet hospital. While doing them I had a lot of support from the community and met /u/royalette who proved BW is the best Support ever! (thank you a lot, friend!)

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I'm a pos-graduated graphic designer who works with interactive media in general but playing hots made me want to learn more about how a game focused on team play could change people for the best, teaching that if everyone is in a good place, you'll also be, better than if you focus only into being good alone. So I started a new graduation on psychology, hoping I could study human mind, behaviors, focusing in sports psychology and mixing it to my designer knownledge to help develop this potential in games so I could help the world to be a better place for everyone.

Eventually, I had the idea of creating the NotBelial instead of using my usual nickname, beliving it would be much more fun, and I was right 🙂


Little after I created this account, however, my dog passed away and the only friend I played beside my brother took his life. More than ever, playing HoTS and creating fanmade stuff became my refuge. I also got married and started living with my wife. It was all about dreams and love but we both are diagnosed with deep depression, something tracked back to both her parents and mine and it got worse when she lost her job and her bipolar disorder struck. I spent the semester taking care of her and my depression went deeper. I couldn't go to college nor work as much as I needed since I had to take care of her and deal with my own lack of energy. I didn't have the time to play nor create content, but when I had the chance, I did one thing or another (It took me months to create the post for Blizzcon since I had just a few minutes per week to do it). About 3 months ago my wife tried to take her life, and while in hospital, we found she was pregnant. We've been having a pretty hard time to do all the stuff we have to and we've been using the pregnancy as a source of motivation but each day has been a battle. Despite it, when I had a free time I'd come to reddit and see what was going on, would dream of playing and sometimes when I couldn't face life, I would just play a couple of matches with my brother and that was my only way to have some joy and relief. So I could say, yes, HoTS was and still is important to me and was key in saving my life.

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With the recent news about the game, I'll keep playing, not sure if I'll go on with my fanmade projects, probably not, but I'm shutting down NotBelial. So, thanks all of you, I'm sorry if I broke the magic with this post, but I didn't want to just evaporate and sharing how important the game is to me was the best way I though I could say goodbye.

I'd like to give a special shout out to /u/royalette and Hoxenos (on twitter) who has been great friends, Dustin Browder who always answered me on twitter and /u/Blizz_LanaB who has always been very kind and inspired me. To me, Lana is the face of HoTS 🙂

Below I'll be posting the projects I started before my life sort of fall apart and I couldn't finish or maintain:

36 Troll Hero Concepts and 2 troll maps (written before BfA so Rastakhan and some zandalari are pretty messed up)

All my skins and mounts (and other stuff, like the images I used to create the heroes concepts) (this one I actually finished)

a comic about how some skins came to be, including some fanmade skins

All fanmade skin concepts by community that haven't received any update since my friend passed away

And now, after the huge post (sorry about it) and having spent all my Truth. I'm starting the AMA, if anyone is interested in knowing anything about the game, as my last match with you. I must secure I know everything about anything (winky face)


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