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i felt i got trolled by matchmaking system quite a fews time

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - i felt i got trolled by matchmaking system quite a fews time

ever since i got promoted to a new devision, my losing streak began. one of these losses could be due to the changed thought of filling roles instead of playing heroes confortably as in the previous divisions. This is unfortunately as the winnin factors are simply not under my influence anymore. Despite trying to play consistently with familiar heroes as well after getting promoted, similiar situation remained to happen over and over again.

i think everything comes down to relativeiy when speakng about the reasons of losses. Therefore its hard to tell what went wrong in those games from personal view, so i summarize up some of the common situations of these lost games, They don't refer necessarily to a particular game but in general.

1 Enemies picked inordinary draft against which our team appeared to be totally clueless.

2 Enemies from opponent side which outplayed our team got matched up with me as teammate me in the next round but the game is lost again. In some of the following rounds they performed as great as they did in the previous game but newly matched players were weak in performances.

  1. Enemies rotate more frequently than our team, and ganking them is particularly difficult, but in those games i lost, our team were more likely to be ganked on lanes, flanked in objectives.

However, won games are mostly hard earned that gave me a lot of stress, but lost games were just demerit where i didn't even think about getting stressed to make a comeback given that our overall team performance were weak. some ended up quickly, some ended up getting annihilated.


Currently stuck at silver division 5, and the losing streak began whenever i got promoted to division 4. The worst losing streak could be up to 10 games (excluding these games i tried something differently ) before i started winning again. There might be a win or two in between these games, but the tendency of declining ranking point still tells its a losing streak, therefore repeatedly from divison 5 to 4 and get knocked down back to 5.

I didn't remeber how i got to gold league with my previous account, though i know it took quite some time to reach there, boosting up the rank of this new account to gold is just as difficult as to the last account. Assuming i've improved my skill because i can tell from my play as well as the reflection of past games. But its hard to influence players' behaviour since they aren't children to be coached. witnessed all what i've written in the lists above, i don't know where is the room to seize more winning potentials if i get matched with players who play bold and risky.

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