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I find heroes like KTZ far more unhealthy for the game over Tracer/Genji

HeroesoftheStorm 6 - I find heroes like KTZ far more unhealthy for the game over Tracer/Genji

While I absolutely respect that all heroes have their weaknesses and can be countered. And all-in-all my winrate against KTZ is pretty even, so I don't actually think he is overpowered per say.

It's more the frustration, having a genji dive me has never been too much of an issue, you can position better, dodge, play safer, or even pre-emptively throw a stun for lock down and kill. There are lots of room for mistakes on both sides, and granted, for the losing side it can feel frustrating.

However, with something like KTZ, I do respect that his skill shots aren't particularly easy to land, and he is susceptible to dive heroes absolutely destroying him. But if you are a back line squishy, or even sometimes a tank in the front line, getting hit simply by one chain in the late game could mean the end of the game for you. It just feels frustrating to play against. One link, and you're locked down and completely unable to control your character for the fight and you die.

Anyone else share this opinion?

Edit: as an example, this clip of me on KTZ, while it felt tremendous to pull it off, and it was lucky that I did so… feels so unfair for the enemy team:
DreamyHedonisticCougarDerp - I find heroes like KTZ far more unhealthy for the game over Tracer/Genji


While Genji can do similar triple kills, they are no where near as definitive and can take a lot longer to pull off in terms of actual play making time where the enemy team can respond and shut down the attack.


Edit 2: the above clip isn’t supposed to represent KTZ as overpowered or the enemy team as innocent of mistakes. It’s more supposed to show that once the chain has landed it’s game over and they have no real time to react. This is definitely an example of a team being punished for a mistake. But it’s more the frustration for the enemy players being unable to correct their mistake as it’s over before it’s even begun.

Edit 3: after some reflection and discussion, i've come to agree my title isn't a fair representation of how I actually feel about the health of KTZ. I made a comparison more thinking about the current state of Genji/Tracer rather than what they represented on release. I have enjoyed the discussion about KTZ and like that this post has prompted alot of that. I still think KTZ's design could do with a look at, but on reflection, he is not as unhealthy for the game as release tracer/genji.

Edit 4: as someone pointed out, comparing KTZ unhealthiness to that of release Genji/tracer is a poor comparison. I still think KTZ is a somewhat unhealthy hero, but my initial comparison was off. I have also however, been convinced I might be missing something with KTZ as someone highlighted so many parts of my initial clip that I hadn’t considered it makes me wonder if there is more to miss. All in all, a great discussion from everyone involved 🙂

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