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I gave up on Storm League

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - I gave up on Storm League

So today was another day of Storm League stomping or get stomped and while I usually just read the posts and shrugs I am reaching a point where it is getting so annoying that I decided to stop playing HoTS until I see an update that Storm League is going to be changed.

Yes, yes. Another Storm League rant post. And another player "threatening" to quit the game.

The thing with Heroes of the Storm is that you can only play one game mode serious and that was Hero League. Quick Match is a clown fiesta and unranked is people playing the hero they want regardless of draft so HL/TL/SL is left for "serious" games where people want to win.

Most of the time people ask for changes you get the "just get friends to play with" or the "if you are better than your rank you will climb".

The problem with this statement is that a lot of people that have friends, play as a 5 stack or double but abuse the system with smurfs/new accounts. I usually use the "whisper cheat" to dodge the fights once I met these 5 stacks or smurfs but it is getting more and more common that I see a trend and you cannot dodge the duo/triples anymore. Don't get me wrong I still have a 50% winrate in diamond because it is either "5 stack rofl stomp on the other side" or the Plat2 and Diamond 5, 80% winrate, teamups so in that regard it is still fair. But winning a match in 5 minutes or losing a match in 5 minutes isn't fun either way. In the old day you still had smurfs in HL but at least everyone was a solo and you had a "fair chance" even if one guy was a masters. But if you have 3 diamonds, a gold, and a plat with 85% winrate against a team that is just clearly worse it's just pointless. There also isn't a forfeit option so you just gotta sit there and be farmed.

Again, I am talking both sides here. More than once "our" chat was like "I feel bad for the enemy team" once you hit the 30 kills and the duo/triple is just farming them. It's even spread but it's still unfair and unfun for either sides. I enjoy winning but not like this…


I am convinced that the amount of people that play together because they are real friends and want to have fun is far less than the amount of people that just use one of those "boosting discord groups" and roflstomp teams. I really hope that Hero League returns and we can all just have fun games together. If you are a Master and want to play with your gold friend, might as well just play unranked?Or use the systems like Rocket League where the highest player = the enemy team rank per player. So Instead of a Diamond1 crew with 1 Gold vs A diamond 3 and some platinums they are being put against a full D1 team. It would at least make it even. Even the duo/triple would be fixed. Diamond3 and gold 1 together? Enemy team is all ~D3.

I am not saying I have all the answers and I am sure that IF Hero League was the solution it would be back but I have played over 15000 games in heroes of the storm for more than 5 years of which 70% in HL/SL and am sadly no longer enjoying it. The last game mode we had that was playable is being ruined by smurfs…

It's just one player and I am sure many more will keep playing but I really need a break cause there is no game mode left for me to enjoy… Hope to see you all soon once the game becomes enjoyable again.


I just did one random match after starting this post to get a screengrab and, what a surpise /s, I found another team abusing the system.https://imgur.com/a/IcwKA51

Level 60-ish account, 100% winrate, teaming up with diamonds. 43 kills. Insane map awareness and the plat guy only died once because he got zealous.

I am an EUW player if that makes a difference. I have no idea how bad smuring is in other regions.

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