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I had a in-depth talk with a GM premade that stomped my team in QM

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - I had a in-depth talk with a GM premade that stomped my team in QM

So I was playing QM solo in the Korean server as usual, and like every other game I was matched with 5 solo players against a premade. This premade was a 5man comprising of 3 GMs and 2 Masters, one of them being in the Top 10 or so in their particular hero. We got stomped, and it wasn't even close. Our team didn't even need to see the party information to know they were a good premade, and most of my teammates quit and did not leave the hall of storms.

I whispered one of the premade members to ask how long they usually wait for a game (roughly 5~10 mins). But the guy was nice and we were chatting about how I could improve etc. and how good his teammates were (most have former professional friends!) but then he brought up how it was such a problem that premades could not get games forever before the party changes, and that the steady drop in the number of players (especially way up there) made it even worse.

So the main issues seem to be that with the fewer players, getting a storm league game as a GM is near impossible now, and even if they wait the matching is garbage. Unranked Draft never really is played in Korea, so these semi pros who want to play the game either have to play solo and get 4 gold teammates, or play premade and wait for a long time. On my end sure it seems like Blizzard effectively offered five random QM solo players as a sacrifice to ensure this premade got a game, but hearing from their end its not much better.


All in all, I learned that its not their fault for grouping up, or being GMs or queueing up as good comps. Its not their fault that 5 random players are forced to sit through 20 minutes (usually shorter, since they roll through the game, unless the premade drags it out) of hopelessness, which unfortunately tends to spill into tilting at the only people that they can interact with: the same teammates that are suffering. We could blame Blizzard, but really they are in an impossible situation where they can't satisfy either side, so perhaps committing to one party is the better option to take.

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I don't know what its like in the other regions now, but in the Korean server it seems a lot of players are now going to QM as the only real gamemode (brawl is popular too actually), and the decrease in playerbase from what was already a small population has forced Blizzard to abandon game quality to actually have games. There simply aren't enough players to match 5 solo players who are better than a premade, and there aren't enough premades to match against each other.

While it seems like there is no other option, this is a band aid fix to a big issue thats ruining the game experience for many (now most solo players assume there is a premade on the other team). Add on top of that the ongoing server issues and the high levels of toxicity and playing the game is not enjoyable. But from this chat I learned that we can't blame anyone, not even the devs, and we have to accept the reality of the situation.

TLDR: Talking with a GM premade made me realize that the poor matching experience is not their fault, not our fault, not the devs fault, but a consequence of the reality that we are facing.

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