Heroes of the Storm

I have a passionate hatred against Industrial District and want it gone

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - I have a passionate hatred against Industrial District and want it gone

First here are some polls to show I'm not alone on this.

49% of the players find the Industrial District problemetic in which 62 out of 96 votes found it better to just delete the map rather than fixing it. (compare the results with other ARAM maps)

Industrial district is by far the most hated ARAM map out of all 4 taking up 78% of the votes.

Back when ARAM had one map per week, I would just skip the whole week to avoid Industrial District but since it's not an option anymore, I am writing this hoping it would be deleted or at least fixed.

  1. The map is vertical rather than being horizontal.

Since most users display has a ratio of 16:9 playing on a vertical map makes it very uncomfortable to see what is happening compared to playing on a horizontal map.(probably why other maps are horizontal)


I also highly suspect that the upper side team probably has a noticeable disadvantage due to this problem resulting in a higher winrate but I cannot confirm since this map does not save replays.

  1. Conveyor Belts

Personally I play ARAM because of its simplicity.

No soaking for EXP

No timing the mercenaries to get maximum efficiency

No strategic play between objects and pushing/soaking lane

Nothing complicated


For me it seems like conveyor belts are a huge obstacle disturbing my game with no merit.

I have played over 450 games on this map and players who can use the belts to their advantage let alone a wombo combo are rare.

  1. It is so much easier to backdoor

In ARAM maps after taking down the enemies fort, keeping the enemies inside their keep will make it almost impossible for the enemy to backdoor as long as your team plays responsibly since there is only one route to come out from their base.

However in Industrial District there is a secondary route which not only makes it easier for the enemy to get out but is effectively the best route to backdoor due to the conveyor belts.

Also because of how the map is shaped, the time it takes to get to the enemy core is far shorter compared to other maps.

These are the roughly estimated time to get to the enemy core from freindly Hall of storms.

Map / The optimal route / Practical Backdoor route

Industrial District / 17 seconds / 17 seconds

Braxis Holdout / 23 seconds / 26 seconds

Silver City / 25 seconds / 26 seconds

Lost Cavern / 23 seconds / 25 seconds

Notice that it takes 8-9 seconds shorter in Industrial District compared to other maps.

This is due to the fact that the lane which minions follow is S shaped compared to straight lines in other maps, and the conveyor belts giving a boost. When you follow the route minions take in industrial district, it takes roughly 25 seconds to reach the core.

  1. There are no bushes

Although the most heavily affected hero would be Dehaka because he won't be able to use Z and a number of his talents are completely useless, Lunara also won't be able to trigger her lv.1 talent Sentinel Wisp.

Despite only a few heroes have bush related talents, all other heroes will lose any chance to make a smart bush play whether offensively or defensively.

  1. This is the only ARAM map that does not save replay

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