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I just had the most fun time playing a brawl with a toxic player.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - I just had the most fun time playing a brawl with a toxic player.

Me and a friend were queueing up brawls togheter. We like a lot to play it because it's a totally unpretentious way to play the game. You just take whatever the hero the game gives you, build it in any way you want and play it the way you desire to. It's all about having fun and throwing your brain in the garbage.

But, from time to time you encounter that what we like to call the "brawl tryhard". A player that simply gets the brawl too seriously. And most of the times sometimes the brawl tryhard is a very toxic player.

That just happened, we faced a brawl tryhard, and the most toxic one. They just cursed on everyone the whole game, about everything. They just never shut up. We ended up losing the game, and, as if it were not enough, this player sent us both PMs to swear even more, the trashtalking just never ends.

But okay, we moved on. It's just another toxic player, it happens. Queued again… and we got paired on the same team as the toxic player again. My friend got kinda sad with that, but I had an idea. I said to him "You know what?! Let's make this person's blood boil; let's make they have a aneurysm of anger; let's make they contract cholera. The friend agreed. We both picked Leoric.

And then we proceeded to a thing that many close minded would call "intentionally throwing", but we, intelectuals, call a Strategy.


Drafting two Leorics alone made the tryhard curse on us, but when we started to wraith walking into the enemy keeps a true rampage started on the chat, and it was a really angry one. We just pretended to ignore all the death threats and swearing and did our jobs: destroy those keeps. After many skeleton deaths and a continuous ragestorm on the chat the first enemy keep went down. By that time our allied keep had fallen as well, but we wouldn't give up on that. Let's go to the second keep. Two dozens more deaths and another enemy keep down. But a twist: this time our was still up! The enemy team without healing wells and a unprotected core. We started hitting their core. Turns out that we won without the enemy team even touching our second keep. The tryhard, suddenly, silent. We send the PMs this time "Hey, come over, let us play some more togheter!!" No a single response.

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Hell, that was fun.


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