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I just started playing LoL and here are some QoL improvements I‘d wish to be implemented in HOTS as well

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - I just started playing LoL and here are some QoL improvements I‘d wish to be implemented in HOTS as well

Hi Guys!

I just switched to League of Legends (not fully yet) and I am also still playing HOTS and there are some little features in LoL I‘d wish to be implemented in Hots.

  1. Enter Match Button: In LoL when you’re in queue and you found a match there will be a pop-up window where you have like 6 seconds to accept the game invite. If you do not accept you have to queue again (the other players you were matched with will stay in Q, they do not have to re-q and start at 0 again)

Imo this is a great way to reduce amount of players that AFK Q and miss the first whole minute of a match cause they went to toilet or something. Especially the amount of AFK players in QM is disgusting where the Q time rarely exceeds a minute.

I know for some regions and at some times of the day queue times for ranked can get pretty long and it might be annoying to be like 6 minutes in q and still having to be fully focused on a pop-up window showing up where you have 6 seconds and if you miss it you will waste another long q time . So my idea is: If the q does not take longer than 3 minutes you will get that pop-up window where you confirm that you‘re not afk.

  1. As mentioned by /u/ttak82

Hero ability demos: In LoL when you Overview a hero you can SEE all their abilites. They are displayed. And to be honest there are some abilities in game you simply can‘t really understand when just reading them. I would love a similar feature in Hots. I mean most ability showcases already exist in the Hero Spotlight videos. Just add those little clips into the game.

  1. Being able to re-pick a talent if you did not leave Hall of Storms yet: As some of you might know in LoL the power of a champion mostly scales with items and not talents. There are also items you buy right at the beginning of a game, just like the Level 1 Talent in Hots. In LoL if you missclick or change your mind you are able to sell that item for the same price as bought if you haven‘t left the base yet. My idea for Hots is similar: If you did not leave the Hall of Storm yet you should be able to re-pick your level 1 talent. Sometimes a missclick can happen and depending on the hero this can really hurt your whole game especially since the Level1 tier is crucial for many heroes. I wouldn’t even mind if it was repickable until the gates open even if you walked out of Hall of Storms.

That‘s already it. I might add more points later if I find something similar

Thanks for reading!

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