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I know I’m not exactly saying anything revelatory here, but I really wish we’d just gotten one more year.

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - I know I'm not exactly saying anything revelatory here, but I really wish we'd just gotten one more year.

About nine months ago, I made a list in my head of things that needed to be fixed before Heroes was in a truly great state.


  1. Raynor and Hammer rework (their traits were outdated)
  2. Abathur rework (in my personal opinion, MULE is bad design, and I thought him not having an E in his base form was incongruous)
  3. Vikings rework
  4. Tyrande and Tassadar rework (half-healers don't really have a place in this game)
  5. Chen rework (he didn't really seem to know what he wanted)

new heroes:

  1. A dedicated "anti-mage" healer

  2. A tank with a silence in their base kit

  3. At least one more sustained-damage mage

Raynor and Tyrande were both reworked. Abathur was reworked, but not in the way I wanted, but that's ok. Chen and Tass reworks were just announced. We got another sustained mage in Mephisto. 6 and 7 aren't that important, they're just holes I noticed—when you see a bunch of auto-attack, you draft Johanna for your tank and Lili for your healer. When you see a bunch of spell damage, you draft Anub, but there's no go-to healer for when your opponent goes double mage. Brightwing has the spell armor on her e, but she doesn't really have burst healing to speak of, which is what mages tend to be. As for the tank with silence in their base kit, idk, I just feel like all the status effects should be represented among tanks and healers at least a little, and while the healer silence was filled by Stukov, tanks still don't have one.

And the fact that Tassadar and Chen are finally about to be shown some justice, they've mentioned they're looking at Vikings, and all the other reworks I wanted were bought about, it just upsets me that this game was cancelled right as I felt like it was hitting its stride. I actually (I know this may be unpopular) are a big fan of the experience changes. It's almost impossible for games to be 16-12 in level differences anymore, but still doable in a total stomp, and honestly I think that that's right where things should be. I also like that most games are going to 20 while still not tending to go much more than 20, 25 minutes in match length.


In other words, the part that hurts the most to me about HGC being cancelled, and HotS being largely put out to pasture, (I'm still playing and having tons of fun but it feels pointless somehow, like there's nothing to aim for anymore,) is how close things were to finally being tidied up from both a gameplay and matchmaking perspective. I really think that one more year, and we could have gotten there. If they still wanted to cancel it then, fine. But it just feels like we were so close, and that all it would have taken was like 20% of a sign-on bonus for one of their executives.

I know I'm preaching to the choir here, but I feel the same way as when Angel got cancelled at the end of Season 5. Sure, the show had had its problems in the beginning, but when they brought Spike on and started telling the whole Illyria story, it really felt like the show was finally hitting its stride, and that with one more season it truly could have wrapped everything up really beautifully. And insofar as you can think of HotS as a story, I really feel like it wasn't finished being told yet, but that in one last year, it would have at least had its moment before being put on maintenance.

Sorry for venting. I'm just sad. I've played Blizzard games devoutly since I was 9 years old. I'm 26 now. HotS is probably my favorite video game of all time, or certainly in my top 3 with Final Fantasy (IX especially) and Super Smash Brothers (Project M particularly). But lately I've felt guilty every time I spend any money on this company at all, and playing their games has left me feeling hollow inside, like there's so much more I could be doing with my life than playing the games of a company who doesn't really care about me outside of my wallet one way or the other.

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