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I love this game, but optimizing the map pool would go huge lengths towards making it even better.

HeroesoftheStorm 7 - I love this game, but optimizing the map pool would go huge lengths towards making it even better.

No matter how many heroes get released, they're all still going to have to play on whatever comes up in queue. I think having many different battlegrounds on which to play is often overlooked next to shared XP and talents over items, but all the different maps, to me, is the most striking reason why I adore Heroes so much more than its competitors.

To give a bit of background, I led a campaign on this sub a couple months ago to keep Dragon Shire in the rotation. my Virgin Hanamura vs. Chad Dragon Shire thread was the apex of the movement. but I kind of wish I'd never said anything, because the way Blizzard responded was by keeping Dragon Shire in… BUT ALSO putting Sky Temple back in, bringing BRAXIS back, and removing Garden of Terror, which in my eyes was a net loss.

I'm having trouble understanding Blizzard's rationale on this. Do we really need eleven maps? What's so special about that number specifically? Every time I see a streamer queue into Braxis, I feel a certain pang of responsibility.

Personally, I think that Blackheart's Bay and Warhead Junction should be removed from the rotation altogether. I actually think Hanamura might still be salvageable, but that the disparity in power level between the "objective" and the ACTUAL objective (the Samurai camp) needs to be brought in line a bit. As for Braxis, I think it was better before they Dragon-Shire'd the way the objective works.


I also have some ideas for how Garden of Terror could be made cool again—but even that's putting aside how I think it needs to be a little bit more in-line with Cursed Hollow, Spider Tomb, and Alterac, wherein you are encouraged to push with the objective to get any value out of it. Right now, it kind of feels like whoever loses the first trio of seeds just straight-up loses all three forts right off the back even if the enemy AFKs. (I'm exaggerating, but the point is that an objective that spawns in every lane shouldn't really have the opportunity to take that lane's entire fort by itself, which under the right circumstances, the Terrors actually do. Fortunately, this is probably relatively easy to fix with tuning.)

Ok, but that's kind of beside the point in that—if the whole idea of removing Map Rotations was to reduce "confusion and volatility"—then why don't we just settle on having all maps be the same across QM and HL? Blizzard said in their decision that they wanted everyone to be able to play their favorite map, and I actually liked Garden. (I'm a Dehaka main, and it has the most bushes of any map. It's also great for Aba and Murky.) And I feel like it was kind of ironic that their response to this subreddit's whole collective push to keep Dragon Shire was to keep… Braxis?… and remove Garden.

TL;DR: Deathwing is finna bring a lot of people back, but the map pool fundamentally affects the quality of each game across the board far more than any individual hero release ever can, and it's still not in an optimal place. I still think Hanamura and Braxis should be taken out of the ranked pool, but respect Blizzard's decision to try to make them work. but if we ARE in an 'all maps deserve to see play' sort of mentality, at least if we got a 12th map I'd be 0.75% less likely to queue into Braxis. I miss Garden, and am baffled as to why it was removed in the same post in which Blizzard said it wanted to give every map a chance.

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