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I made an SCV and a Colossus, so time to give zerg some love in the “make up a hero” department: The Overmind!

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - I made an SCV and a Colossus, so time to give zerg some love in the "make up a hero" department: The Overmind!

Been a while since I did one of these, but I got the inspiration bug and kept thinking of ways to add Zerg in a way that feels RTS-ey, without ripping off Zagara. I think I did an ok job, but feel free to add suggestions in the comments. As always, talents are important so read through those before suggesting changes. Also yes, I understand that this is completely different from any hero we've seen before, but I figured we've seen Cho-Gall and Deathwing be super different, so why not the Overmind?

Class: Support

Passive: Overmind's Strength: When the game starts, the friendly Core is replaced with the Overmind in a badass animation. Other than adding newer, zerg-themed attack animations, this core also has +20% damage in its attacks, along with an aura that grants this benefit to friendly heroes in its range. Because the Overmind player is essentially the core now, it should only have 1 death if that team loses and 0 deaths if they win. A Core replaced with the Overmind has no benefits to its health or shield, only its attacks. I was thinking of making the destruction of friendly keeps give the opponents 1 kill's worth of XP, since they would have less opportunities to get kills with it basically being a 4v5 in all but the last fight.

Ability 1: Spine Crawler: The Overmind sends out a zerg drone to the targeted location. The drone is very weak and cannot attack, but moves pretty quickly. If the drone reaches the target location, it (after a 3 second animation) transforms into a spine crawler, which lasts 60 seconds and attacks nearby enemies, damaging and poisoning them and prioritizing heroes. While a spine crawler is active, the ability can be re-cast to have the spine unburrow and reburrow in a new location, but it is quite slow and can't attack while unburrowed, leaving it vulnerable during travel.

Ability 2: Seismic Swipe: The Overmind selects an area and, after two seconds, raises a tentacle from beneath the surface, stunning enemies in its radius. For 2 seconds after the detonation, the ability can be re-activated in a cone to swipe the tentacle and push back enemies in a target direction, slightly slowing them. Lengthy 20 second cooldown, mostly to stop people (since it has global range) from spamming it on an objective.

Ability 3: Transfuse: Select a target allied hero or structure. If a hero is selected, heal them for 10% of their max HP, then for 5% of their max HP over 5 seconds. Should the Overmind select a structure, it gives the structure +50% physical armor for 15 seconds.

Heroic 1: Hive Mind: This ability has both a passive and an active part.


Passive: The Overmind can now take manual control all friendly minions. When minions aren't being manually controlled, they will go to the nearest lane, then continue with their normal AI actions. While you could combine them into one small army, remember this would leave other lanes undefended.

Active: Select any active mercenary camp, and summon a zerg tumor there. When this occurs, a warning will be shown for the enemy team on the minimap and announced by the enemy's announcer. After 7.5 seconds, if an enemy hasn't killed the tumor, the camp will instantly be captured for the Overmind's team. The cooldown only refreshes when that mercenary camp respawns, and can't be used on Boss (elite) camps.

Heroic 2: Broodlord Spawn: Give every allied hero a broodlord to assist in combat. The broodlord will throw broodlings to attack enemies, which last a few seconds before expiring. The broodlords have a set amount of health and can be individually targeted by enemy heroes, or they will just expire after 25 seconds.


LVL 1: "Spore Crawler," "Reinforced Scales," or "Reconstruct"

Spore Crawler: Quest talent. After hitting enough enemies with Spine Crawlers, they now become Spore Crawlers. Spores will only attack enemy heroes, but do splash damage and have a longer attack range. Spores can still unburrow/reburrow, with the same drawbacks as the Spines, and still require the drone phase.

Reinforced Scales: Seismic Swipe can now be re-activated twice, and reduces the cooldown by 5 seconds.

Reconstruct: When the Overmind uses transfuse on a structure, it can now re-cast the ability to take control of said structure for a short period, giving it +15% attack speed.

LVL 20: "Nueroboost" or "Greater Spire"

Nueroboost: Hive Mind tumors now only take 4 seconds, and allied minions controlled by the Overmind get +35% health and +10% movement speed while being controlled.

Greater Spire: Broodlords made by Broodlord Spawn now last indefinitely, and must be manually killed by enemies.

ALTERNATIVE TALENT TO GREATER SPIRE: (i couldn't think of which one would be more fitting: ) Now spawns 2 broodlords instead of 1.

Yes I'm aware there would be more talents than that lol, just figured those would be the most important ones. Whatcha think?

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