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I miss Hero League

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - I miss Hero League

I understand why they merged the two ranked modes, dwindling playerbase requires it, but boy do I miss Hero League.

I miss when reaching plat meant you knew where the solo lane was in each map, how to rotate, which heroes can hold the solo point in braxis, that you're supposed to do camps before the objective is contested, that you're not supposed to fight down a talent or a man, that you're not supposed to do the boss if it can easily be contested, how to actually draft effectively, etc.

I miss when reaching diamond bridged the gap between knowing the game and just being mechanically better than most.

I've never been master, and I'm okay with that. I don't have any high aspirations, and I'm not salty for being forever diamond. I'm not the best player out there by any stretch. But boy, having to witness so much lack of basic knowledge of the game is soul crushing. The average quality of a game now is so low. I don't need players to be keyboard gods, it's fine if you're a Muradin that can't land a Q, but please don't jump half a foot for no reason, it physically hurts me. It's fine if you're a Nazeebo that can't land good walls or takes too long to stack, but do you really have to solo when you could do so much more on the rotation?


And why are people so resistant to unusual counter-drafts? If the enemy team has to fill tank/healer in their final draft turn, you can account for what they can't do. Double mage can be good against squishie teams. Double tank is great against double mage. Team left you to fill main tank but the enemy ran with 4 chunky melee? Just go Leoric and punish them, run a double bruiser comp without a real tank. Do be flexible with your talents for similar reasons.

Half the players are smurfing and/or queuing with friends that have a big difference in rank. It's a clown fiesta. I'm guilty of this too, since the only reason I even still play is because my friends refuse to move on to another game, so I mostly play with them as I have low motivation to play a game I'm genuinely tired of by myself.

I imagine this negativity won't go down well in this sub nowadays, and I do apologize for it, but I needed to get this off my chest.

I just miss being able to play with my friends and still work on my individual progression separate from that. And I miss that because to be brutally honest, people were better and closer in skill to each other back in Hero League. TL and SL are just one sided stomps all the time, and people boosting friends or skilled players smurfing to crush silvers. Virtually no one playing the ladder nowadays is actually learning the game because you don't necessarily need to.

Diamond 3 is where I've had the most fun when solo queuing, but it takes a fairly long time to climb to that place each season.

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