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I need to stop making hero suggestions before I get banned for spam lol

HeroesoftheStorm 5 - I need to stop making hero suggestions before I get banned for spam lol

2 in one day? How lucky are you guys! Today on the chopping block: Zerg Infestor. It was a tough choice between this and the Viper but I think the Infestor makes more sense in the long run. Most of this is just ripped right from Starcraft in terms of abilities but I spent some time adapting them all to fit HoTS better. This is definitely my least-creative one of these but don't let that sway your decision on how you like it. Well, without further adue: (INSERT NAME HERE), the Infestor! PS: I wrote half of this on my PC and half on my phone so idk how fucked the formatting is, sorry if it’s bad 🙁

MOUNT: Deep Tunnel: Same as Abathur. After a channel, travel to a location on the map, with a 30 second cooldown.

TRAIT: Burrow: The Infestor digs underground to travel unseen, cloaking themselves and reducing their movement speed by 20%. Casting any of the Infestor’s abilities (including heroics) does not reveal the Infestor like other cloaked heroes, but taking damage will reveal them. However, being revealed doesn't make the Infestor unburrow, that must be done manually, making them quite vulnerable once revealed. This ability has an 8 second cooldown once they unburrow, but they can stay burrowed for as long as they like. Staying burrowed for 3 seconds after being revealed re-cloaks the Infestor.

ABILITY 1: Infested Terran: Hurl a destructible egg that, after 2 seconds, spawns an infested terran minion. Acts very similarly to Azmodan's demon minions, however this one has a ranged attack instead of a melee one. The minion travels in a straight line from the egg using Vector Targeting, (the targeting method used by Alarak's Telekinesis and Probius' Null Gate) and lasts 10 seconds.

ABILITY 2: Microbial Shroud: Deploy a small gas cloud at the Infestor's location for 10 seconds. The cloud acts the same as any normal bush, meaning it blocks vision through it outside, etc. and doesn’t grant any special effects to the Infestor’s team without talents.

ABILITY 3: Fungal Growth: Throw a green orb of biochemicals that splatters on impact, lightly damaging, heavily slowing, and revealing all enemies hit. The orb has travel time and shows its impact location before connecting, similar to Azmodan's Orb of Destruction.


HEROIC 1: Neural Parasite: Take control of an enemy hero for 5 seconds, turning them to your team. During this time, the enemy hero is protected, deals 30% increased damage, and has their basic ability cooldowns reset when taken over. Since the hero is protected, they shouldn’t die, meaning no XP shenanigans should take place. The Infestor is immobile during this time, and has a tether between them and the victim limiting the range they can move the enemy. Stunning the Infestor will cancel the Parasite and violently remove it from the enemy hero, stunning the victim for 0.5 seconds. //Notes: I wanted this to be less of a debilitating thing for the enemy like Sylvanas' Mind Control and more of a positive thing for the Infestor, so I buffed the hell out of the enemy hero to encourage aggressive use as opposed to just walking them into towers.

HEROIC 2: Mobile Evolution: Evolve your teammate's DNA on the go, creating a large aura that effects allied heroes around you. Allies in this aura deal increased damage (5%-40%) and gain increased armor (5-40). The values of these buffs increase the longer the ally is in the aura and persists for 3 seconds after the ability ends. Allies who are in the aura for the entire duration gain a 35% movement speed increase when the aura ends for 3 seconds.


Trait Talents: Tunneling Claws: Removes movement speed decrease during Burrow. Georeactive Carapace: Grants 30 armor while in Burrow.

Infested Terran Talents: Splitting Genomes: Spawns 2 terrans from the egg instead of 1, but make the egg take 3.5 seconds to hatch instead of 2. Frenzied Cortex: Increase the attack speed and movement speed of the terrans by 50%. Quick Mutations: Decrease the cooldown of Infested Terran by 5 seconds.

Microbial Shroud Talents: Microbial Sacs: Increases the radius of Microbial Shroud. Toxic Strain: Microbial Shroud damages enemies who step inside for 1% hp/second. Nuero-linked Microbes: Allies now have vision inside the cloud, even when no allies are standing in it.

Fungal Growth Talents: Light Coating: Greatly decreases Fungal Growth’s travel time and slightly decreases cooldown. Heavy Concoction: Fungal Growth’s slowing effect now starts at a lower value than before, but increases over time to be much greater. Increases impact damage. Filled to the Brim: Increases the radius of Fungal Growth’s explosion.

Neural Parasite Talent: Remote Connection: The tether between the Infestor and the victim is now removed, granting the Infestor infinite range to move the enemy and increasing the cast range to allow use from a safer distance.

Mobile Evolution Talent: Telepathic Host: Increased aura radius to be global. Aura now starts and stays at max values. (40% dmg/40 armor)

I wanted to put images here but mobile reddit is being stupid, sorry.

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