Heroes of the Storm

I never thought TL would be my main game mode. Yet here I am.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - I never thought TL would be my main game mode. Yet here I am.

When i first started playing, TL was a 5-man party only. I though like "yeah there is no way I will ever find 5 friends that play the game. Let alone play 20 placement matches". I mostly played QM with friends (crazy comps and toxicity but ok) and some HL (everyone trying super hard and ultra toxic but ok).

Fast forward to today, TL is the perfect balance of all aspects of HotS. Fast queue, the draft order is flexible, people play seriously (trying to do the "correct stuff", unlike QM) but not trying as hard as HL, low toxicity, you can play both solo or with any number of friends without swapping game modes. And it even has a rank attached to measure progress.

Meanwhile QM is only playable if I pick healer or tank, which I do not enjoy that much. In TL I do have to play these roles sometimes, like 1 out of 5 times. But ok, that's fair, i can play my preferred roles the rest of the time. In QM its either be a tank or healer, or wait 10 minutes to get a terrible match.

HL is the same as always, everyone trying super hard, toxicity overflowing everywhere. And now queues are also 10+ minutes.

It's thanks to Team League that I still have a game mode to play. And its the best game experience in the HotS history, IMO.

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