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I see a lot of hate towards 5-man premade in this sub; what can we do?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - I see a lot of hate towards 5-man premade in this sub; what can we do?

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Hey fellow Heroes! I'm just a player who enjoys Heroes, not a pro or anything. I love the game, I wish it got more attention, and I hope this great game continues on. I've been playing since the 2.0 update and I've been seeing a lot of posts complaining about matchmaking since then. I know it's going to be a long post, with a bit of rant. Please understand any grammatical error or awkward sentences as English is not my mother tongue.

I regularly play Unranked Draft and ARAM in 5-man premade (it's obvious that we are premade because we all have Carbot Anduin as our player icon) and… we seem to get whispers quite often about how we are 'losers' because we are playing in a 5-man premade. I mean, so much for playing with friends, isn't it?

The thing is, we get them regardless of the game's result. Be it a close game, a stomp, our win or loss. If we win, they say we are 'a bunch of tryhards' and if we lose, they will call us 'losers that can't even win in premades'. Well, I do get that it's frustrating to have teammates that don't communicate well, but I feel like that's just toxic. We usually don't take any offenses through those whispers because we do understand the frustration (we usually reply back 'sorry', 'thanks' or 'glhf on your future games'), but being on the receiving end for a while started making us wonder what we can do about it.

Do we have a high winrate? Yes, as we DO have the advantage of better communication and team comp. It helps that we have a couple ex-GM and Master players who usually give orders in game while also having better mechanics than average players. We probably lay somewhere around 60%~75% winrate (depending on who's playing; we have about 8-9 people in the crew) and yes, we are probably a live example of 'it's harder to win against a 5-stack' and we know it. Winning is fun, and losing isn't most of the time. Thus, general players seem to think that playing as 5-stack is some sort of an unfair advantage. In some sense, that may be correct.


Well then, why don't we go play Storm League (Ranked) in 5-man premade, where grouping up with friends and actually communicating with other players is "leagal"? (lol) Hear me out on this one; every time we give it a try, we get into a queue for 1hr+ and…we give up. (The search expands at 3600s, btw) We are all living in NA, by the way. I am sure Storm League at the very least tries to put your team into a match according to the highest ranked person's MMR, as we were trying to queue up for solid 4000 seconds while someone on my friend list (ranked Bronze) played 3 Storm League games in a 5 stack.

No, we don't smurf at all nor do we give shit to the players we 'stomped.' Hell, it's not even fun most of the time when we actually get to stomp on the enemy team. We want a game where we could try our best, regardless of win or loss (which is also the reason we avoid QM, as people want to play casually there). If someone on the enemy team intentionally feeds or throws (for example, constantly running into the tower), we report them and try to end the game as fast as we can. We still have games where we just get annihilated from the beginning.

But then still, people get salty over us playing in 5 stack. So here comes the question; What do you want us to do? Also, what should Blizzard do about this? Are we so much of an evil group of people that would it be better if we just left the game? I would like to hear what you guys' general thoughts are. Thanks for reading the long post and thanks again for keeping this great game going.


  1. I play 5 stack most of the time, Unranked/ARAM.
  2. People are salty about 5 mans, and we get it.
  3. Storm League is unplayable (literally) in 5 stack for higher ranked players
  4. I would like to hear, what do you want us to do?

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