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I think I was given some insight into the reporting system.

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - I think I was given some insight into the reporting system.

So, I had to file a few reports on in-game chatter and wanted to know what actually happens. I opened a ticket with a GM complaining about how vague the process is compared to other games, mostly OW and it's "thanks for reporting" screen, and how I couldn't find consistency with how punishments were given. It makes sense that they don't give out the names of the punished, the submitter of the report(s), and other private info since even in real life that information is often unavailable when filing police reports.

The long version is below but I think I'm done playing the game. The folks here on Reddit are nice, the game itself seems stable albeit unpopular with the removal of the pro scene, but the queue system and reporting system are the worst I've ever seen. Not that I want the game to be paid for, but I feel the free to play MOBA model simply invites poor behavior since there's nothing to lose except time. At least when people get shitty in WoW there's a very slim chance I'll ever see them again.

Anyways! Details below. Hope it offers some insight. If you still play the game, please stream, I still enjoy watching the game but can't bring myself to play it.

What I did find was:

  • They do not keep every chat log of every session due to the GDPR (I know nothing of that or how it regulates online chatter).

  • The chat logs kept are from around the time the report was sent.

  • The punishments given are 1 day silence, 1 week silence, 1 week suspension, 2 week suspension, 4 week suspension, permanent ban.

  • False reports (voice chat when the person was never in voice, abusive chat when it's the other team, feeding when the person AFK's out and AI feeds) are not considered valid, are never counted, and are not reviewed.

  • The initial system is automated, such that enough reports (I was not given a hard number) in a certain timeframe can give a punishment without manual review. Appeals are done manually by a human.

  • You can request your entire Personal Account Information which is long as hell. Fun fact: I was given a 24-hour WoW forum ban back in 2012 for trolling. I never knew!

What I think this means is (no proof, just conjecture):

  • If player A goes off on player B, and player B goes off on player A, and player A files a report for abusive chat against player B, the report can flag both accounts for punishment upon appeal by player B since that requires a human to review the conversation.

  • If an entire party decides to be absolutely awful to each other, if no one files a report, the entire conversation is not recorded. I imagine they still flag words and strings (such as URLs) or else HotS would be a cesspool for sharing illegal links and never having a record.

  • If a player really dislikes another player and has other accounts that can play a game with them, they can file enough reports to give a false punishment. Appeals will remove it.

  • Some players are liars about their punishments given OR what I was told was false about the punishment system.

  • A single account is never given a resetting time peroid. If you're on your last punishment, it doesn't matter if it's been 2 weeks or 2 years, the last punishment is the next one.

  • Reports can pile up over days, months, or weeks until there are enough to issue the next punishment. This is why I had a silence come in months after not playing. There were likely very old reports and my account simply had enough pile up!

  • The GM name is generic, probably, but the Manager names are not. I had a WoW ticket open about an item proc and the GM name for all the tickets was the same til a manager stepped in with links and a QA report about the bug. I think GMs are there to tell you where to go whereas managers step in to solve new issues. The managers also drop the cute talk, least for WoW tickets.

What I never was given a straight answer to:

  • Can a player simply restart a new account, new email, same IP, and be free of old punishments? I probably should've worded the question better but it seems that's why low level accounts tend to be the most troll-y in games.

  • How come I heard of people having punishments (not on the list) and having them undone?

  • Why is it difficult to report someone after leaving the score screen?

  • Any future plans for improving the system? (A dumb question to ask since it'd be a press release but figured I'd ask anyway!)

  • Do you watch pro streamers and use that information for punishments, like how Overwatch and WoW do?

  • When a punishment is appealed, does it also remove all the false reports related to that punishment? Does it remove all the reports? None?

  • Are all reports weighted the same or are some weighted less if they are coming from a player known to file false reports?

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