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I tried to stop playing, but I came back

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - I tried to stop playing, but I came back

I wanted to share this because I never had a feeling like this before. I wanted to stop after the Blitzchung incident, I don't think I need to explain why. I did stop, uninstalled the game. Didn't delete my acc because maybe blizz will make things right. After the "apology" letter I had the impulse to delete the acc too but at that point I felt more resigned than angry.

Fast forward to yesterday evening. I opened up youtube and saw the recent Khaldor vid. With people like him it's hard, even though blizz is terrible, not watching any Khaldor, Trump or Grubby just feels wrong because their energy and love spent on these games has nothing to do with blizz as a company. So now I had this strong impulse of "F**k blizz, but also F**k not watching Khaldor anymore" so I opened up the vid.

And then the feeling hit me. I watched the vid and it felt so bad to think I won't play this game anymore. I literally felt like I was watching my friends from a window, having fun on the playground, and I couldn't go. So after a few minutes of intense inner struggle, I went to hots website, downloaded the game and went on to get my ass handed to me in a few Zeratul games. It was fun 😀

So yeah that's about it. I don't think I'll play as much as I did before (not just because of the incident, but also because I have less time), but I can't stop. This community (including awesome devs) is just too much fun to be a part of. 🙂

Edit: A bit more explanation about my reasoning.

For me, the blitzchung incident was so impactful because it made me realize the depth of this company's commitment to their profits. I know, stuff like this shouldn't come as a surprise nowadays. You can call me naive or anything, but this event (and a lot of others these days) prove how deep and widespread this issue is.


Companies are not humanitarian organizations, but as a consumer, I may be able to influence their decision making in issues that I believe are important. When they make decisions that I can't support as a human being, I believe the only way I can effectively show that, and impact their future decisions is to make a change in my consumer habits. As I believe that this Hong Kong issue is very serious, radical change in my habits is required.

I am only one person sure, and I'm not spending much money (couple of dollars here and there) on blizz products. But if I stay neutral, and keep my habits the way they were before, I'm giving up even that small impact I have. If there are a lot of people like me (and it seems there are these days) who change their habits negatively for moral reasons, blizz might have to reconsider their politics.

Not playing the game is a serious change in my consumer habits. Hots is a free to play game, but that doesn't mean that stopping to play won't hurt the company. Playerbase shrinking is a really bad symptom for any game, and weakens their ability to make money overall. Hopefully, they will take steps to cure the disease which causes these symptoms.

TL;DR: I wanted to change my habits as a consumer as radically as possible, in order to communicate my displeasement to the company. With Hots, I wasn't able to do it because I missed the game too much. Less radical changes will have to do.

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