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I used to love Blizzard, but I feel betrayed by them over what they’ve done to this game and their community.

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - I used to love Blizzard, but I feel betrayed by them over what they've done to this game and their community.

Hello, everyone, I've been a long time lurker on this sub. I've been struggling on deciding if I should post this or not. However, I feel that there are probably other people like me that might be sharing the same sentiment towards Blizzard right now. Especially after the recent news that has been dropped concerning HOTS.

I was so excited when I first saw that this game was being made. I paid to get into the beta back when they started the Founder's Pack (I think that was the name of it?) and have been playing ever since. This game was the first MOBA that I ever got really invested in. I even got my friends interested in the game despite the meme ever since it's beginning as a "Dead Game". We spent so much time playing this game together creating fun memories and epic moments that we can remember forever.

That's what I think hurts the most about this recent announcement. Despite the shortcomings of this game, all it's rough edges and flaws it still had a dedicated fanbase that enjoyed to spend time playing and watching the game. We got invested because of its special spin on the genre and its unforgettable classic heroes.

Blizzard used to really care about their fans and players. They enjoyed creating the games that we loved to play and would support them in spite of whether they made a ton of money or not. However, I definitely have felt a change in the way Blizzard treats its community since this last Blizzcon.

I play every single one of Blizzards IPs from Warcraft, Starcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, Overwatch and my favorite being Heroes of The Storm. I could go into great detail about the struggles all their IPs are facing across their separate communities right now, but I feel that it would take too long. It's clear to see that Blizzard has changed their stance from making things for fun to now creating and maintaining their IPs so that they can make the most money possible.

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HGC apparently wasn't making enough money or bringing in enough viewers for them so they just killed it off. There were plenty of alternative paths that they could have taken to handling this situation. They just don't care enough or want to spend the time fixing it.

I can come to grips with this shocking announcement being dropped out of nowhere for the general public. However not even warning casters, pro players or employees about this ahead of time is just sad and disappointing. They've spent so much of their time helping sustain the game for this long and for many, this is their career and livelihood.

I don't know what to expect for the future of HOTS or Blizzard now. One of my fears is that this game is just going to be put on life-support like Diablo and we won't be seeing many changes or additions in the near future. The Blizzard we once knew isn't here anymore they've changed and become something different.

In the words of Terenas Menethil: "No king rules forever my son."

I just want to say "Thank you" to the many content creators that stuck around with this community for so long and helped make it into what it is today. Despite these changes, I hope that this community sustains itself and goes on to continue making epic memories.


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