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I want to play HOTS but can’t…

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A story of ranked in my region, for blizzard.

Ranked in my (minor) region is totally dead. It wasn't before THE announcement in 2018 (it was very alive before the announcement), but now it is.

There are lots of players on my server who want to play ranked actually. Quickmatch queues are instant on my region. Vs AI queues are instant.

But because the population for rank is not at the critical mass required for short queues, the whole mode totally died.

I think there could be maybe a thousand people who want to play ranked every day. If all of us queued, queues would be maybe 10 minutes only, at any time of the day. Unfortunately, 10-minute queues are unacceptable to some of these thousand people so some of them don't queue. The queue time then becomes 20 minutes because less people queue. Well 20-minute queue is even less acceptable, so less people queue. The queue time then becomes 30 minutes. Then even less people queue.

The end result is, maybe only about 100 people queue every day. These 100 people queue at random times and queue at different times and because they all queue at different times, no one ever gets a game because there are less than 10 people queuing at any given time.

Slowly, they start giving up too, leaving the most dedicated players who are willing to queue 3-4 hours for a game.

So of the thousand+ players who would like to play ranked, and the many hundreds of other quickmatch players who would like to try ranked, no one ever queues because they tried once, realised it takes 3 hours to find a game and never queued again.


Anyway I know blizzard can implement solutions They could have scheduled hourly ranked games that start at a specific time for all players who have previously indicated their interest (so no queuing required, time is fixed so no issues of people queuing at different times). They could have "ranked lobbies" that open up at specific times each day that guarantees a ranked game within X minutes or else every player in the lobby gets a reward (so everyone flocks to the lobbies at that particular time and lots of ranked games can be created). They could even start by making it so that ranked lobbies that took 3-4 hours to find don't kick everyone back to the queuing screen when a player disconnects for a micro-second at the draft screen. They could make it so that when we get the message "A player has disconnected from the service", the queue restarts instantly instead of requiring the player to manually queue again (many of the players queuing 3-4 hours are half afk, can't expect them to sit there waiting for 3-4 hours, they're almost always doing something else).

I'm sure blizzard, with their creativity and resources, can come up with 10 times better solutions than me, to allow the thousand players who want to play ranked every day, and hundreds of players who want to try ranked, to play this game mode.

Unfortunately, I also know that a thousand or two thousand disappointed players per day, that's nothing to blizzard, it's too little for them to bother. It doesn't make business or commercial sense for them to care about us. That's the unfortunate reality and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

So people of reddit who can still find and play reasonably competitive ranked games when you're bored of clowning around in quickmatch, appreciate what you have, you have it a lot better than some of us do 🙂

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    [email protected]
    Jun 24, 2020 3:52 pm

    I was having the same problem. Turned off Avast shield for 10 minutes opened the game. Everything loaded. Turned Avast shield on. Launched Hero’s of the Storm and everything is now playable.

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