Heroes of the Storm

Icy Veins 2.0 – Builds Updated, New Writers, Overlay App, and more!

HeroesoftheStorm 1 - Icy Veins 2.0 - Builds Updated, New Writers, Overlay App, and more!


Well met, Heroes!

Earlier this year we made a post to advertise the beta version of our app, but ended up receiving detailed feedback about our content being outdated, an event which led Icy Veins and Wind Striders (a Discord community focused on teaching how to play Heroes of the Storm) to work together to:

  1. execute a detailed inspection of our guides;
  2. make necessary changes to the writing team;
  3. fix mistakes, remove outdated information, and update Builds.

After some months of work, Icy Veins is happy to announce that all the Heroes of the Storm content on our site has been fixed and updated!

Builds Updated

During the last few months, our guides have been reviewed to fix mistakes and to remove outdated information, with a particular focus on Builds. Now that all the Builds are up-to-date, we will review our content to fix any inaccuracies still present. As of today, in addition to what has just been mentioned, we have completely rewritten over 60 pages to improve their quality and readability, and this number is going up month after month.

New Writers

In order to accomplish our mission, we decided to recruit two new writers that currently take care of the majority of our content: Derenash and Elitesparkle. We also kept two of our old writers to handle the remaining pages: Oxygen and OutOfMilk. Given these changes to our writing staff, we feel that this puts us in a stronger position, not only to keep the current content up-to-date, but also to provide the highest quality content that we can for new Heroes and Battlegrounds coming in the future.

E-mail: (mailto:[email protected]), (mailto:[email protected]), (mailto:[email protected]), (mailto:[email protected])


Overlay App

For those of you that are not already aware, we recently released our in-game, Overwolf-based application, which provides suggestion for Talent picks as soon as you unlock a new Tier while playing the game, without needing to Tab back and forth. In addition to that, it is also possible to read our guides from within the app, so make sure to check it out if you haven't already!

Download: Icy Heroes


As explained above, this mission started thanks to detailed feedback coming from the community. While we are doing our best to keep everything in good shape, please report any inaccuracies you may notice while navigating our site by contacting us in any of the following ways:

  • join Wind Striders on Discord and write a message in the dedicated #icy-veins channel;
  • join Icy Veins on Discord and write a message in the dedicated #heroes-of-the-storm channel;
  • write a comment in the dedicated Guide Comments section of our Heroes of the Storm Forums;
  • contact the writers via e-mail by clicking on their nicknames on our site or in this post.

We are confident that, with our commitment and your help, Icy Veins will grow to be a reliable source of information for players looking for updated Builds and/or for tips about their favorite Heroes.

See you in the Nexus!

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