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Icy Veins 2.0 – Is it good now? Behind the scenes!

HeroesoftheStorm 10 - Icy Veins 2.0 - Is it good now? Behind the scenes!


Hello, everyone!

I'm Elitesparkle, one of the two guide writers who joined
heroes - Icy Veins 2.0 - Is it good now? Behind the scenes!

Icy Veins when they acknowledged to rework their content last year. For who does not know me as a player, I'm a Master player from Europe who usually plays Tank. Today I want to tell you about my job at Icy Veins and what happens behind the scenes.

The target of this post is to show everyone why and how Icy Veins is not the same as before. A lot of positive changes have been made to its content using a different strategy than before. If you missed it, take a quick look at the official announcement from 3 months ago: Icy Veins 2.0 – Builds Updated, New Writers, Overlay App, and more! There you can also read how to contact us for feedback.

My Background

Heroes of the Storm is my favorite game ever, mixing strategy and fast-paced action, in fact I kept playing it during the last 4-5 years. I love the fact that each player can approach the game with a different ratio of micro and macro to match their own needs and capabilities while jumping from a Hero to another with ease, especially if someone helps them choosing good Builds.

In my specific case, my micro is not the best for sure so I have to back it up with solid macro. My game knowledge is something that I have constantly improved by reading guides as well as by discussing Builds and Talents with streamers and other knowledgeable players (usually in Wind Striders' Discord server but not only). I like playing devil's advocate for controversial Talents just to discuss about them.

Discussing Talents

When in doubt, ask. Once you asked, be sure. When sure, doubt again.

Even though I am very familiar with metagame Builds, I still discuss them with others to collect different opinions. I constantly double-check my information because the metagame changes every few months and new Builds are always behind the corner (not necessarily after a new patch).

Don't automatically dismiss others' opinions. When chatting with or listening to top players (including ex professional players) I have noticed how even them can disagree about some Talents because they use a different playstyle and therefore they see the same Hero from a different (not wrong) perspective.

Considering so, I think it is important to make a clear distinction between what is objectively good and what is subjectively good, without forgetting that some Talents can be better or worse based on context and skill level (see the recently added Beginner Builds for many Heroes).


Behind The Scenes

To keep the quality of our content high, even if each author takes care of their own guides, I periodically take a look at all the Builds to check if something is outdated, inaccurate, misleading, or wrong. Sometimes I also check the rest, but Builds have higher priority. When I find something suspicious, I discuss it with other knowledgeable players and/or bring it to the respective author's attention (all Master or Grand Master players):

  • Derenash (34 Heroes);
  • Oxygen (9 Heroes, General Tier List for low-mid Ranks);
  • OutOfMilk (12 Heroes);
  • Elitesparkle (35 Heroes, Master Tier List for mid-high Ranks, ARAM Tier List, and Stukov Advanced Guide on YouTube from when I hit Grand Master using mostly Stukov).

When a new patch gets released by Blizzard, we have the support of our team to datamine new Heroes and Talents for us, something that allows us to update guides as soon as possible. Sometimes we need a few days to be sure that the information provided will be on point. That said, quick updates always go through additional review after a few days.

Before being published, our content undergoes a proofreading phase executed by a dedicated member of our team. This operation is important to avoid the presence of spelling mistakes and reduce the number of inaccuracies in our content. Sometimes all of this is not enough, so your feedback is helpful to keep our content well-written, informative, and up-to-date.


Thanks to every player who contacted us when they noticed something weird, to every experienced player who has been happy of helping us to improve our content by discussing part of it with us, and to our staff for making all of this possible!

Last but not the least, I appreciate a lot that Kyle Fergusson from
Into The Nexus, when asked "
How do we evaluate Talents?" during their latest stream, literally recommended (together with other options) the now reborn Icy Veins as a reliable source for Builds; a clear sing that our hard work has not gone unnoticed.

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