Heroes of the Storm

Ideas for some old and same talants.

HeroesoftheStorm 4 - Ideas for some old and same talants.
  • Abathur :

 7 lvl "Calldown:MULE" is replaced by "Bionic Repairer"(E) : Carapace exists on structure 30 seconds , healing for 60 Health every 1 second . Reduce Symbiote's cooldown to 1 second if it is used on structure. 
  • Anub'arak :

 1 lvl "Regeneration master" is replaced by " Full Protection "(W) : Harden Carapace grants additionally 30 Physical Armor , but loses 10 Spell Armor. 1 lvl "Nerubian Armor" is changed : ? Quest: Gathering a Regeneration Globe increases any ( from self and allies ) Shield on 0,5 % , up to 10% . ? Reward: After gathering 20 Regeneration Globes increases any (from self and allies ) Armor buff on 20% . 13 lvl "Burning Rage" is replaced by " Toxic Secretion " : Upon dying nearby enemy Minions drop 1 "CorpseFlesh " and enemy Heroes drop 10 " Corpse Meat " ? Quest: Collect 20 "CorpseFlesh " ? Reward: Picking "CorpseFlesh " from minion create small toxic area dealing 20 ( +4% per lvl ) damage per half second during 2 seconds. Picking "CorpseFlesh " from takedowns create great toxic area dealing 30 (+4% per lvl ) damage per half second during 4 seconds. Active: Affect nearby enemies by poison dealig 30 (+4% per lvl ) damage per half second during 4 seconds and create great toxic area dealing 30 (+4% per lvl ) damage per half second during 4 seconds , but annul collection of "CorpseFlesh". 13 lvl "Urticating Spines" is changed (AA): Basic Attacks affect enemy Hero by Acid which deals Spell Damage equal 5% Basic Attack Damage per second and reduce Armor on 5 for 3 seconds. Damage and Armor Reduction stacks 3 times. For each point of Phisical and Spell Armor Reduction which no stacks with "Urticating Spines"'s Armor Reduction increase periodic damage on 10% (max 300 %) 20 lvl "Hardened Shield"is replaced by "Subterranean Tunnels"(E) : Grant additional charge for " Burrow Charge " ( 3 seconds delay between using charges ) , but second charge is recovering on 100% longer. 20 lvl "Rewind" is replaced to "March of Thorns"(Q) : "Impale" reduce Heroes damage on 20% for 3 seconds , "Impale"'s cooldown reduced by autoattacks on 1 seconds and "Impale"'s Hero hits on 2.5 seconds. 
  • Artanis

 1 lvl "Reactive Parry" is changed : Grant 75 Phisical Armor during action of Basic Abilities. 1 lvl "Season Marksman" is replaced by "Thermo Destruction" : Basic Attacks deal on 20% more damage as Spell Damage to enemy Heroes. 4 lvl " Follow Through" removed. 

  • Arthas

 "Icebound Fortitude" is moved to baseline active talent: Grant 10 Armor and reduce the duration of Stuns, Slows, and Roots against Arthas by 25% for 3 seconds. Cooldown 30 seconds. 1 lvl "Rime" is changed: Taking 500(+4% per lvl ) damage from Heroes while " Frozen Tempest " is active grant constant stack, which increase "Icebound Fortitude"'s charging speed on 20% up to 400% while "Frozen Tempest" is active. At maximum stacks grants additional charge to "Icebound Fortitude" , activation absorbs all currents charges ,it's parameters sums ( maximum 20 Armor and 50% control reduction) 7 lvl "Icebound Fortitude" is replaced by "Life Stealer": Arthas heals for 15% of damage dealt , it's increases twice vs Slowed,Rooted or Stuned enemy Heroes. 
  • Auriel

 10 lvl "Resurrect" additional functuality: If Hero dies within 6 seconds after "Resurrect" he gives on 50% less experience. 
  • Gazlowe

 1) 1 lvl "Extra TNT"(W) additional functionality: Talent bonus damage increases double vs heroes. 2) 1 lvl "Scrap-o-Matic Smelter"(D) new functionality: Increases the Mana restored and ability recharging by 50% from Scrap. If turret is created while Scrap is active , it has on 20% more HP. 3) 1 lvl "Break it Down!"(D) removed. 4) 1 lvl "Goblin Repairs"(D) new functionality: ? Quest: Collect Regeneration Globes. ! Reward: After collecting 15 Regeneration Globes increases regeneration effects and all healing received by 1% for each 55(+4% per lvl) (nearly 3% of max hp) points of missing health. ! Reward: After collecting 25 Regeneration Globes Scrap heal Gazlowe and nearby turrets on 10(+4% per lvl) each 0.5 seconds for Gazlowe and doubles for nearby turrets . 

  • Illidan

 1) 1 lvl "Immolation" additional functionality: Reduce Spell Armor against Heroes on 5 each second up to 10 for 2 seconds. 2) 1 lvl "Unending Hatred" changed reward: Increase Spell Power on 15%. 3) 7 lvl "Hunter's Onslaught" new functionality: Heal for 25% of dealing Spell Damage . Double this bonus versus Heroes. 4) 13 lvl "Sixth Sense"(E) additional functionality: Spell Armor Stacks isn't spent by Spell damage less 100(+4%) and reduces it's damage. 5) 20 lvl "Nexus Blades" replaced by "Weakening by Fel" : Each consecutive Basic Attack or damaging Basic Ability deals 7(+4%) Spell Damage and slows on 3% for 1,5 seconds. This bonus lasts 3 seconds.This effect can stack up to 5 times. 6) 20 lvl "Bolt of the Storm" is replaced by "Resoluteness"(E): "Evasion" grant unstopable for 0.3 seconds, for each 2 seconds of time additionally increase unstopable duration on 0.1 seconds up to 0.7 seconds (max total 1 second). 
  • Karazim

 1)13 lvl "Spell Shield" is replaced by "Spiritual Strength" new functionality: "Breath of Heaven" gains 30 Spell Armor to Karazim and 10 Spell Armor to nearby Ally Heroes for 3 seconds."Breath of Heaven" gives shield on amount of it's overhealing for 3 seconds. 2)20 lvl "Storm Shield" is replaced by "Firm Faith": Basic Attacks grant shield equel to amount 1% of maximum health,"Radiant Dash" and "Breath of Heaven" gives shield equel amount 3% of maximum health for affected Ally Heroes, stacks up to 9% of maximum health,duration is 3 seconds. 
  • Malganis

 1 lvl "Winged Guard"(E) new functionality: Reduce delay on 0.25 seconds and cooldown on 3 seconds for "Night Rush". Mounting and "Night Rush" increase Phisical Armor on 75. 
  • Muradin

 1) 1 lvl "Block" is replaced by "Parry Master": Reduce Attack Damage of enemy Heroes against Muradin on 25% if they are forward him in cone 90 degrees. 2) 16 lvl "Imposing Presence" is replaced by "Dizziness"(Q+W): "Storm Bolt" affects enemy Heroes by silence and blind for 0,75 seconds after stun, "Thunder Clap" reduces Spell Power 15% to enemy Heroes for it's duration. 3) 20 lvl "Hardened Shield" is replaced by "Overwind"(D): "Second Wind" increases regeneration effects and all healing received by 30% while active, grant Shield equal to overhealing (healing while max hp) up to 550 (+4% per lvl). 4) 20 lvl "Rewind" is replaced by "Ready for Battle!"(D) : While "Second Wind" is active restore 1% of maximum mana per second and abilities recharge on 50% faster. When "Second Winds" have break this talent bonus increases twice and lasts during 1 second for each 1 second while "Second Wind" is active up to 3 seconds. 
  • Nazeebo

 1) 13 lvl "Ice Block" is replaced by "Spirit Walk": Gain invulnerable,Unrevealable and 50% Movement Speed reduction for 0.75 seconds. Cooldown is 60 seconds. 2) 20 lvl "Fury of the Storm" replaced by "Zombie's Invastion"(W) : Reduce cooldown of "Zombie Wall" on 4 seconds and increase Zombie's health on 10% of maximum Nazeebo's health. 
  • Rehgar

4 lvl "Feral Heart" new functuality : Active: gain bonus of Mana Regeneration in 100% or bonus Health Regeneration in 300% when Ghost Wolf form is active. 
  • Rexxar

 1) 13 lvl "Wildfire Bear" additional functuality: Deal additionaly 1% from missing health per second to enemy Heroes. 
  • Sylvanas

 20 lvl "Bolt of the Storm" is replaced by "Banshee's Desparation": "Haunting Wave" increase Armor on 25 while wave of banshees exists and during teleporting. "Banshee's Curse" at maximum stacks reduce enemy Hero's damage on 10% against Sylvanas. 
  • The Butcher

 1) 1 lvl "Block is replaced" by "Crazy Hunt" (W): While Branded Heroes are nearby increase Physical Armor on 10 plus 1 for each 20 "Fresh Meat" in collection up to total 20 Physical Armor. 2) 20 lvl "Nexus Blades" is replaced by "Hot Temper" (W) : "Butcher's Brand" gets reducing cooldown on 4 seconds and resets by takedowns of Branded Heroes. Basic Attack's damage is increased on 15% as Spell Damage , it doubles against Branded Heroes. 3) 20 lvl "Bolt of The Storm" is replaced by "Unstopable Monster" (E): While "Ruthless Onslaught" is charging gain 30 Armor . "Ruthless Onslaught" can be cast a second time for free within 4 seconds after impact , but only on nearby location (don't target enemy, no deal damage and no stun) 
  • Thrall

 1) 7 lvl "Follow Through" is replaced by "Fire Trail": "Feral Spirit" is dealing 8 (+4% per lvl) Spell Damage (doubles vs Heroes) per half seconds on it's way during 4 seconds ( dont stacks with "Frostwolf Resilience"). 2) 20 lvl "Nexus Blades" is replaced by Doomhammer (Q): Affected by "Chain Lighting" enemies get on 20% more damage from Thrall for 10 seconds. 
  • Xul

 1) 13 lvl "Executioner" is replaced by "Bone Grip"(E): Increase attack damage on 10 % , it's double while "Bone Prison" isn't on cooldown. "Bone Prison" deal additionally 50(+4% per lvl) for each 0.5 seconds of root and resets any time an allied Hero dies. 2) 16 lvl "Corpse Explosion' is replaced by "Skeleton Master"(D): Nearby Skeletons aren't decaying and gain 75 Armor. 
  • Zagara

 1) 13 lvl "Spell Shield" is replaced by "Survival Instinct": Basic Attacks against heroes heal on 5% of missing health. Active: Spend 7% of max hp and grant shield equal to 20% of max hp which exists 5 seconds. 2) 20 lvl "Fury of the Storm" is replaced by "Biocorrosion"(Q): "Banelings" reduces armor on 5 stacks 3 times(up to 15) , armor reduction doubles against minions. 3) New 20 lvl talent "Vitality Mutation" Increase max hp for Zagara and her basic abiliti's units on 20%, Banelings move on 20% faster. 

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