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If it’s Mei – how could her kit be interesting?

HeroesoftheStorm 2 - If it's Mei - how could her kit be interesting?

Hi. So I would REALLY like to believe it's Baal, but probably not. Mei feels *too* obvious, then again, a likely candidate.

I saw messages and also thought to myself "but will she be original? isn't she like jaina and tassadar combined?" so gave it a quick thought. I'll leave some ideas from me first.

Unlike either, Mei could be a melee assassin.

She would be a sustain assassin with good CC and battlefield manipulation.

Her trait could be "Endothermic Slowdown". So basically, basic attacks similar to OW. Slow the enemy and with enough stacks, freeze them to "brittle" status.

She could use ammo or energy instead of mana, probably used by her basic attack and Q mainly.

Her Q could be Icicle Blast. She uses a bunch of "ammo" and shoots a skillshot similar to Jaina's Q with a small delay/animation. If this hits a brittle enemy, it does extra damage (simulating her headshots)

Her wall (E skill maybe?) could do one or more of the following.

1) blocks vision

2) block incoming projectiles (this is a bit of a question mark – but could make it more unique)

3) if cast beneath a character and across unpassable terrain, they can walk to the other side

4) has hitpoints

Cryo-freeze is a bit tricky. I wanna say it could work like Kerrigan's cocoon (so she can still be targeted) but also it's traditionally very much a frost block so, I don't know. If it's a regular skill, is it too much to be able to do it? I guess if Varian can and Medivh can bestow it, not so much. If it's an ult, I think it'd be too bland by itself.


Surely Blizzard would be an ult (maybe call it something else) that throws in a lot of stacks in an area and if Mei commits, she could freeze a hero or two.

What would be her second ult? Maybe something a bit crazy due to her weather modification? Thinking along the lines of Sindragosa without a dragon or a Lava Wave but ice. Maybe a long-cooldown global freeze that's kind of like a very short-length curse?

As for talents, surely many talents and at least one build revolving around stacks, how quickly she can ramp them, how soon they decay, how soon the enemy freezes and stays frozen. Maybe a talent that makes the enemy explode after the freeze ends.

Icicle build could return "ammo" when attacking a frozen enemy, or when getting kills. Could get pierce. Could shatter into fragments after hitting a frozen enemy or maybe cause some stacks to linger if they were icicle'd when frozen.

Wall could be cast more often, stay longer, apply stacks to enemies on it.

Lv20 Blizzard could have a longer delay, but apply stacks faster and up to 100 if you stay for the duration.

What do you think? What skills or talents could be interesting?

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