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If the Deathwing leak is real, here’s what it will mean lore-wise

HeroesoftheStorm 9 - If the Deathwing leak is real, here's what it will mean lore-wise

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Edit: Something interesting to note is that this tweet linking to this was made before this Trikslyr tweet

Sooo Deathwing has come to the Nexus, via a portal that looks like to be from Stormwind to King's Crest. Edit: The portal could also be from Neo Stormwind to King's Crest, considering that the portal to Neo Stormwind has always been seen in King's Crest Example 1 Example 2 Example 3. This would also explain why
Perfect Mecha Tyrael is this year's mascot for HotS.
King's Crest,
heroes of the storm live patch notes september 25 2018 2018 9 25 - If the Deathwing leak is real, here's what it will mean lore-wise

as most HotS players would know, has fallen and doesn't have the powers of their singularity any longer. The Verick, Delia, and the remaining people of King's Crest have probably rebuilt King's Crest in the time that passed in between now and the 3rd comic, but we don't know if they've been able to restore their singularity's power.

In the first comic on
page 3 and
view?usp=sharing - If the Deathwing leak is real, here's what it will mean lore-wise
4 we see Oberon talk about an invasion that will bring "a tide of annihilation that will consume all", what if that was Deathwing? This would make sense, and it would also mean Orphea banished the Nexus' best fighter against Deathwing (lul).

Okay so, what characters from the lore can and will probably do something to defeat Deathwing? Well, let's look.


Raven Court:

Oberon (The Raven Lord): Banished (to what looks like to be the Dark Nexus Realm)

Orphea: Depends on if Oberon being banished automatically made Orphea the realm lord of Raven Court (Oberon's singularity is assumed to be Raven Court's singularity which still makes Oberon the realm lord of Raven Court)

Neeve: Can't do anything

Aleen (Orphea's mother): We don't know what powers she has, or if she's still alive so it's unlikely that we will see her

The Grave Keeper: Dead

King's Crest:

Raena (The Lady of Thorns): Turned into a statue

Verick (Raena's son): He and Delia might be able to form an alliance with Raven Court (assuming Orphea has any power over Raven Court).

Delia (Raena's daugther): Same thing with Verick

Raena's husband (The Dragon Knight): Dead

Queen Night Shade (The Spore Queen): Probably won't do anything about Deathwing, but she might try to attack King's Crest if they choose to fight Deathwing


Ka (The Serpent Queen): Probably won't care unless Deathwing threatens him

Neithis (The Spider Queen): Same thing as with Ka


Qhira: Unless Qhira has found more Iresians, she'll probably be fighting against Deathwing with King's Crest and Raven Court or just alone


Blackheart: Probably won't do anything about Deathwing

Commondore Ford: We haven't heard a lot about him, so it's unlikely that we will be hearing anything about him

Neo Stormwind:

Neo President Anduin: We haven't seen anyone from Neo Stormwind leave the realm yet (With "leave the realm" I mean appear in any of the realms that have appeared in the 4 comics), so it's unlikely that we will hear anything from them

If I missed any characters please tell me so I can update the list.

My own theory on what will happen: 1. Raven Court and King's Crest + possibly some others form an alliance to defeat Deathwing or 2. Orphea brings back Oberon to help defeat Deathwing

I'd love to hear what other people think!

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