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If you have a Butcher on your team and he’s not doing well, saying “low damage Butcher” makes you even worse

HeroesoftheStorm 3 - If you have a Butcher on your team and he’s not doing well, saying “low damage Butcher” makes you even worse

I’m a Butcher main at Plat 3 EU with a 71% SL win rate in about 15-20 games. As I’ve slowly gotten better over the lifetime of this game, some things never changed:

  • team mates inability to understand how to play with Butcher
  • the WRONG impression that Butchers role is to do “damage”

Butcher is a melee assassin with the hardest engage in the game and tools meant to SECURE kills. Not necessarily set them up. A Butcher will typically poster around the fight and go in (or keep going in) when enemy Cooldowns are on or the tank/support sets up a target with CC. Butcher will then dive with hard CC (Onslaught and Lanmbs) and secure the kill.

If Butcher is not doing this, then it’s because going in is repeat suicide. This could be from any number of factors:

  • tank is not engaging
  • tank is not working with his support/assassin to chain CC
  • Burt loads of displacement and CC (not necessarily blinds and stuns) are unloaded only Butcher the moment he goes in
  • Just pure lose at draft

These days, I never charge in if my tank is not there or my Support didn’t put down some CC. It’s dumb. Playing Butcher is nothing to do with his damage. Butcher can never match the damage of safer ranges assassins or heroes with reliable poke. Playing Butcher is everything to do with communicating with your team, correct posture and lining up skills/CC for blow up. Talking about Butchers damage when his job is to KILL things is really really infuriating. If you want “lol damage” next time pick Azmodan and just chuck globes. See where that gets you. Unlike many on this Reddit, SL for me is getting better all the time and I’m really seeing how people are more aware of Soak, cds and general battle posture. One example is when Guldan panick presses his Fear, a team mate will say “Horrify down, pick a fight now”. That’s some serious awareness that many on this reddit would have you believe doesn’t exist. So as a Butcher player, I expect the same awareness on what my role is and how to help me do it.


Fortunately, people are looking at each other’s profiles more so when I hover Butcher, I can say “we need engage/dive tank and some CC” and the rest of my team will know what is up without me having to fight through draft.

But in a win streak of 3-5, matching maker will still decide that I’ve won too many times and put me in a game with Timmy players who don’t want to communicate or will try and backseat draft without even thinking of how to take advantage of the player who is 70%+ win rate on the hardest carry hero in the game. That being said, Butcher is not without his serious issues and I’ll highlight them in another post. But as I have gotten better and my attitude toward drafting and my communication has improved, the games I lose are to do with team mates not understanding how Butcher works, more than me simply playing a “bad” hero.

EDIT: I will no longer respond to any comments. If you like what I wrote, then it was my pleasure to write my thoughts for you to see. But trying to discuss it further in the comments is just people downvoting my opinion and it gets me angry. I'd rather not get permabanned again. Also, where is ToastieNL?

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