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If you want Q Mephisto to be good, undo this recent change

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - If you want Q Mephisto to be good, undo this recent change

Hello everyone!

As you guys already know, Mephisto has recently been adjusted to have more power in his Q talents. As much as I like his changes, there's one change I'm really not happy about: The lvl 1 Quest talent.

In the following I'd like to comment on why I think this recent change is actually a nerf compared to
it's previous variation.

I have been a fan of Q build Mephisto since a pretty long time and I can safely say that I consider myself as a good Mephisto player.

So why is the adjusted functionality of the lvl 1 Quest actually a nerf?
At first glance it actually doesn't seem to be a nerf, you have 2 charges instead of one, but with the downside that it doesn't give you cdr anymore (3 seconds cd reduction -> 2nd charge). What it basically does is that you can use your Q twice in a short period of time, which is good on paper, but let me give you an example:

You hit no heroes with your Q's:

  • I gave both variants "seconds", the "2nd charge" one can use his Q if he has 8 seconds, the "3sec cdr" one when he has 5 seconds.
  • Both "2nd charge" and "3sec cdr" Mephisto uses their Q ability at the same time, but only if the "3sec cdr" one can use his Q since it has a lower cd.
  • the -> indicates a Q was casted
  • I ignored the cast time and flight speed just to simplify the problem, while also maintaining a realistic result

"2nd charge": (it has 16 points because it has 2 charges (28)*
-> 8sec> +5sec -> 5sec> +5sec -> 2sec> +5sec -> -1sec>


"3sec cdr":
-> 0sec> +5sec -> 0sec> +5sec -> 0sec> +5sec -> 0sec>

So after 4 Q the second charge loses in cdr and therefore damage!

I also did the math if the Q hits only one or 2 heroes and turns out it doesn't matter, the result is still the same.

So after you have used Q 4 times (in a teamfight scenario where both Q charges doesn't recharge), you basically lose 3 seconds of cdr for every additional Q in comparison to the old Quest talent .

Here are 2 short clips from the same game to exemplify my point:
Fight 1
Fight 2

As you can see, I was able to cast Q multiple times, 11 times to be exact in both teamfights. If I had the second charge variation, I would've lost about 22 seconds worth of cooldown reduction for the Q ability: (11-4)*3+1=22. I would've been able to only cast ~7 Q .

So basically the longer you are in a team fight, the worse the cooldown of Q becomes, until one point where the cd of Q is back to the original 8 seconds, making it seem like that you never took a lvl 1 talent.

TL;DR: Blizzard Devs, if you intended to buff the Q build for Mephisto, revert his lvl 1 Quest change.

Ah btw sorry for the bad english, it isn't my mother tongue 😀

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