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Illidan’s underpicked talents buffs

HeroesoftheStorm 8 - Illidan's underpicked talents buffs

I don't think Illidan needs direct buffs to his base stats or to his already good talents, nor I think that his talent tree needs a full update. What I think he needs is the treatment Gul'dan got when all his underused talents got buffed in order to offer more compelling choices.

Level 1: Playstyle/Gameplan

Battered Assault and Unending Hatred are fine and serve their respective purposes well, the first being the choice for a sort of melee-carry Illidan and the second for a split-soak oriented Illidan with good scaling into mid-late game.

Then we have Immolation, the one that provides the best early laning out of the three, but tends to become less and less relevant as the game progresses. I suggest to sligthly increase the scaling of Immolation's damage and/or make it count as basic ability damage and thus establish a sinergy between this talent and Hunter's Onslaught (see below).

Level 4: Mobility

Rapid Chase is the talent that made me write this post. It's so bad that if its description read "it does nothing" it wouldn't be far from truth. It's so underpicked that if you sort by Platinum and above on Hotslogs it doesn't even show up (meaning that NOBODY picks it, not even by accident). I would make both his Q and his W grant a bonus 15% movement speed for 4s that can stack up to 30%. But even then, I don't know if it will be enough to compete with Friend or Foe and Unbound.

Unbound's quest requirement should be reduced so that you don't have to constantly spam W on an enemy that lets you do it (which means that either they are winning the trade or they are snails) in order to complete it within a reasonable time frame.

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Level 7: Sustain

Thirsting Blade is the standard pick as it increases the healing you get from AAs by 66% and thus has good sinergy with both Battered Assault/Unending Hatred (lvl 1) and Blades of Azzinoth (lvl 16).

Reflexive Block isn't bad, on any other hero it would be insane, it's just that Illidan already has an ability that provides complete immunity to AAs and seldom needs extra physical defense. In those rare situations, however, this talent is actually very good, so I wouldn't buff it.

Hunter's Onslaught isn't bad either, but got indirectly nerfed when Marked for Death (lvl 16) got its damage reduced. As mentioned previously, I would make Immolation count as part of Sweeping Strike damage (just like MfD counts as Dive damage) and thus let Illidan heal for a portion of it.

Level 10: Heroic

Not much to say here, the only thing that I find annoying is not being able to mount until Metamorphosis expires (Muradin can during Avatar). Maybe let him use his normal mount until 20 and only shift to his wings with the permanent version?

Level 13: Survivability

With armor not stacking anymore, Nimble Defender has become way worse. I would increase the armor value to 30% (maybe 35%) and its duration to 3s.

Elusive Strike and Sixth Sense are fine, the first is situational vs AA-heavy comps while the second, the default pick, covers Illidan weakness vs burst damage.

Level 16: Damage

All talents in this tier are good (although Fiery Brand is a bit more niche than the other two).

Level 20: Storm

Again, not much to say, I just wish that dying didn't revert Metamorphosis (after all, the tooltip states "PERMANENTLY remain in Demonic Form").

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